Caber and HCG!?

Discussion in 'Steroid Underground' started by Bigboy727, Jul 7, 2017.

  1. Bigboy727

    Bigboy727 Member Supporter

    My pharm doesn't carry these, where does one find the best?
  2. Dr JIM

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    "The best", have you ever head the adage beggars can't be choosy !

    The "best" Wallmart, Wallgreens, CVS etc otherwise let me suggest you try
    a SOURCE PED forum.

    And if you didn't know the difference perhaps NOW you do!
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  3. Bigboy727

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    Well aren't you just a whiny little bitch..? Funny thing is, I started this waiting for someone with a little dick to chime in.. Everyone knows Ag guys is the place to buy! Carry on.
  4. KCMason

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    Woah. That escalated quickly
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  5. RomanMVP

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    Forget about the caber, worry about your E2 levels.
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  6. KCMason

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    Thats what im sayin
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    HIGHRISK Member

    @Dr JIM has been on fire lately just straight dishing out the shit talking lol .
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  8. Big_paul

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  9. Dr JIM

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    That's Jim extending favoritism to those noobs who want to be SPOON FED and can't grasp the concept of EARNING credibility, bc wo THAT chances are you'll be scammed on any forum.

    And the latter certainly applies to those who believe a search for ancillaries is a backdoor entryway, or short cut, to the "best" PEDS!
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  10. Ultimatepip

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    Since your avatar is dead on, I'll throw you a bone. Check out the European Pharmaceuticals thread, he's got all that shit and he's 100% legit.
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  11. Bigboy727

    Bigboy727 Member Supporter

    Thanks for looking for a brother. We do shit most people don't understand. We should stick together instead of all this other noise
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  12. Kinetics63

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    Take it from a guy who was on a Test/tren cycle: Caber can fuck some people up who use it when they don't need it. Caber totally crashed my prolactin down 1/40th of the low range and now my dick doesn't stay hard. I'm pretty sure (At least I'm making a desperate guess) the crashed prolactin is why after reading a study that shows correlation. Men's Sexual Problems Linked to Low Prolactin Levels

    My labs were taken two months ago and I still have a noodle that can't stay hard. I'll be getting bloods again next week for prolactin and thyroid function to see where I'm at. If my prolactin is still crashed I will be trying some domperidone in a desperate attempt to raise prolactin levels a bit. That is unless someone can pipe in and give some better advise.

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  13. NewTEX

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    I'm gonna try reliable RX for my hcg and caber.
  14. TheSpectre

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    This isn't the late-90's or early 2000's @Bigboy727 We don't just handout sources to newbies.
  15. Bigboy727

    Bigboy727 Member Supporter

    What sides did you experience?
  16. Blast tren 1cc ed prolactin will go bak up.. jk thats brosciense inwould do
  17. grey

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    We should also do a bit of due diligence and use the search function.