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    Whats the most effective way to combat constipation associated with Caber?

    Seems to be my only issue right now and im a hurting unit. When I can go it's like a handful of small marbles...
  2. FiEnD

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    Don't be scared guys. It happens lol
  3. OTC poop aid would be my guess. i know for me, caffeine gets my bowels moving. How well it would work for drug induced constipation, i have no clue.
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    Milk of magnesia I,just started some new digestive enzymes cuz ive been backed up and pooped 3xs today.
  5. Eman

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    Easiest solution is to stop taking the caber... It's pretty much never needed.
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    Probably the best solution is to not take the caber, i m afraid you got no idea what you re doing with it

    Think i met you on the antibiotics thread yesterday ? If thats the case i would seriously re asses how you habdle the whole "health" part that comes with PIED usage
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    This guy...

    You are the first hater I've had in the years I've spent on this board.

    Caber is dangerous and is not for everyone. It has its small place though. I don't know what your deal is but I've never claimed to know everything. I do have an opinion though and am very non judgemental.

    Don't mistake my willingness to ask questions as lack of knowledge. That antibiotic thread wasn't even mine and all I was saying was for the TS to keep researching.

    If it will help you sleep better to know, caber is not part of my ongoing cycle and has only been used in an emergency situation. Have your facts straight before judging otherwise you just look like an ass.
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    I am just about done with it thankfully. Was just curious if there is a better solution than over the counter stool softener ect
  9. Magnesium citrate powder.

    Works wonders for indigestion/acid.

    you'll also be pissing out of your ass if you triple the dosage... which is non harmful to boot.

    Good luck bro.
  10. JC Grifter

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    I have IBS. I wish Caber backed me up lol. I’ve used it twice now but honestly don’t think I will again unless needed. Just keep it on hand. I’m now of the thought of not taking extra drugs unless I know absolutely needed.
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    Anybody that says to use caber is an idiot; anybody that uses caber is following the advice of an idiot.

    For Bodybuilding purposes
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    Constipation I was getting from a medication I was taking. I have fixed it. I had chronic consp for 3 yrs. Finally these last 10 weeks I have found the answer.

    1- Drink oil, 1 shot a day. It will mix in with the feces and make it soft and lube the intestines. But ti takes a week to make it through all the walls of intesntines.

    2- fiber- prunes

    3- fiber- metamucil half the dose it says. too much will consitpate you


    EDIT 5- water!!!

    But you need to drink the oil on an emtpy stomach. Then the prunes. then middle of day metamucil. Then throw some probioctics in there. And you will be good.!
  13. Ack! i'd rather be constipated. :D