Cabergoline and Prolactin

Discussion in 'Men's Health Forum' started by kmh, Oct 11, 2004.

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    kmh Junior Member

    Lets assume one has a higher than average prolactin level. Would this interphere with ones sexual performance or desire? Would cabergoline help this?
    thanks, kmh
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    kmh Junior Member

    anyone :)
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    Fronkthis Junior Member

    prolactin may not have anything to do with sexual desire.
    But it 100% has to do with sexual perfomance.

    at point of orgasm, prolactin is released. prolactin prevents you from getting hard again.
    Also prolactin controls the sensation before orgasm.

    So bascially by taking cabergoline your sex feels better, lasts longer, and you can go more than once.

    As far as im concerned the BEST part of reduced prolactin is multiple orgasms, I once had three in a row. There was no rest in between orgasms either.

    SO in a sense, knowing how good te sex will be, might highten sexual desire.

    I would definitly recommend cabergoline for sexual purposes.

    Try taking a cialis or viagra, along with your cabergoline, roughly 2-3 hours before sexual intercouse.

    Here is a link to some great info on it.
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    MaxRep Member

    Sev, have you actually used cabergoline?

    I used it for a month just to see if I could notice any effect in any area. I used .5mg twice a week. I couldn't notice any change or difference in anything sexual.


    I figure I'll use the rest during a tren cycle and see if I notice anything then.

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    kmh Junior Member

    Good question and thanks for the response. I saw also that the recommended dose was .5mg twice a week. Sev, how much did you take? Was it just presex or as an ongoing maintanace dosage? thanks, kmh
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    SWALE Doctor of Osteopathic Medicine

    Hyperprolactinemia is a major cause of hypogonadism. Therefore it is intimately (so to speak) linked to sexual function.

    I would caution about lowering prolactin too far. All hormones are meant to exist within healthy ranges. Low prolactin can compromise immune function, for instance.

    I do not understand why anyone would use this medication while taking tren. Tren has progestin-like effects, in that it directly stimulates the progesterone receptors. How does cabergoline help this?
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    muscleup Junior Member

    can you elaborate on this a little more. I was under the impression that cabergoline was good while taking tren...I have been using Cabergoling while off cycle and it has really helped...The reason I started it was cause I noticed that I had some fluid leaking from my nipples{prolactin induced I would assume}
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    Endocrine_Supply Junior Member


    You have my attention from the coment you made about the cabergoline. :[

    Im currently on cabergoline at .5mg E4D to help help lower prolactin. I was under the impresion that tren raised prolactin levels. Anyhow I noticed the slight nipple sensitivity and inflamation has ceased since I started the cabergaline administration.

    Even if the cabergoline is not a direct antagonist to tren it must surely help reduce the onset of gyno by other means, right? -ES
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    Fronkthis Junior Member

    tren rasies Progesterone and prolactin, Prolactin if raised can worsen the symptoms of gyno from estrogen or progestin.

    MaxRep, I use .5mg E3D just because I have more of it.
    I am using italian Cabaser Brand of cabergoline.

    I was using it mostly to negate the sides from stacking anadrol and Tren.

    But I continues using it becasue I love the sexual benefits.
    Im sure just like AAS we all react different.
    You may have needed a higher dosage.

    Also its said you need 1mg to realize the full sexual benefit.
    Most of us are taking it .5mg.

    Max - Before you write it off as hype, try a viagra or cialis, and 1mg dostinex about 2 and a half hours before sex.

    Make sure you try to go more thn once. This is the biggest benefit.

    As swale said its not good to lower prolactin too much, so 1mg as a E4D dose would probably do more damage than good.
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    MaxRep Member

    Excellent question Swale. It is true that Tren is thought to affect the progesterone receptors and I have no doubt that is true. However, having heard from various people that gyno symptoms while on tren have subsided with products like bromocriptine and dostinex, I thought I would run a little experiment on myself towards the end of the year, to see the results firsthand.

    Of course the results would then only fall into the category of anectdotal evidence but I figure that's better than second hand information.

    Also, there are indications in various scientific studies that there may be a connection between prolactin and gynecomastia. Is it also possible that Tren may affect Prolactin levels in addition to progestins? Perhaps that's why some people feel reducing prolactin levels is beneficial when using Trenbolone?

    At any rate, as I have the cabergoline, I figure a little experiment with it and Tren can't hurt and may be enlightening. Of course I'll be using Tren Acetate so when gyno symptoms appear and if they don't soon subside with moderately high doses of cabergoline, I can stop the tren and it will quickly be out of my system. Follow up with high doses of B6 and nolvadex and byebye gyno symptoms. Which, by the way, worked like a charm last year during a cycle where, again as an experiment, I attempted high dosages of Tren. At 700mg Tren/week, my nipples got sore and puffy. I continued the cycle but dropped the tren from the cycle and used 300mg 3x's/day of B6 along with 80mg/day tamoxifen and symptoms were gone within a week.

    Best regards,
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    specster Junior Member

    Cabaser Effects

    I have taken it at .5mg e4d for two weeks and have not noticed any effect. How long before you guys felt a positive sexual effect?
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    micro Junior Member

    I've used it a few times and got bad rashes on my arms.

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