Caffeine enhances effect of anavar...

Discussion in 'Steroid Forum' started by RaveHead, Sep 9, 2015.

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    How about taken with grapefruit juice?
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    I have only seen this particular study involving caffeine. I would have to look into the effect of grapefruit on the enzymes involved in the metabolism of oxandrolone. You could search easily enough. I personally have tried the combination of 20 mg Anavar and 300 mg caffeine preworkout. Trust me, it is effective indeed. I had solid stamina for a three hour workout with energy to spare post workout. I know that's overkill for a workout but i just felt great the whole time. :)
  4. I could fit 20 mg of var up my dick's mouth , I'm on 100 mg a day, it takes a while to set in , I'm on week 2
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    Ok. So throw in a couple NoDoz with your Anavar preworkout and enjoy the ride. Are you running anything else with the anavar 100mg? I know that that dose alone will give great quality gains.
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    I'm curious what other orals it increases the bioavailability of? Not much out there in this area of research. Good find @RaveHead
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    I originally found the research on Underground steroid/performance enhancing drug research site.
  8. They don't sell no-doz no more , but I do drink shitloads of coffee, diet coke , diet pills , ephedrine and all that, I will get str8 caffiene pills though, Thanks, yeah I'm on test and will be taking 1-Alpha finaflex andro, what do u do for your liver? I can't find anything good ... liv-52?
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    They do sell NoDoz/Vivarin at CVS in the USA.

    I never used liver support while on orals. My liver values went up but then back down post cycle. I used halo, dbol, and var at different times. I just limited to 2-3 months use. Even in medical practice they give some patients like 100-200mg Anadrol for long periods without liver protection.
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    I actually remember reading about caffiene benefiting athletes with enhancing muscle growth besides stimulation affects.
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    Well caffeine does increase lipolysis (break down of fat cells). As long as you don't consume carbs before workout the caffeine will increase the release of free fatty acids from fat cells which will then be burned off during exercise. Otherwise the insulin released due to carbs preworkout would block lipolysis causing carbs to be the primary fuel source during exercise.

    Another recent finding is that caffeine taken preworkout actually decreases the amount of growth hormone released in response to weight training. So following this idea, caffeine causes a somewhat weaker muscle building environment in the body with the lower growth hormone levels. Caffeine is much better suited for a cutting cycle than a bulking cycle. Although it has been proven that taking i think like 3-5grams arginine during the day acts to increase growth hormone output. Just don't take arginine preworkout because only at that time the exercise induced release of growth hormone is reduced.
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