Cailer Woolam Breaks ATWR Deadlift questionable

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    The previous ATWR at 100kg bw was set by, you guessed it Cailer Woolam with a 430 kg pull.
    This was 432.5 kg.
    This guy is far more of a powerlifter than most of us will ever be. IMO the lift is questionable according to SPF rules. This meet was an "SPF meet". Seemed like it was more a Mark Bell meet, (which is fine) but there seemed to be a bit of favoring in this call. Stan Efferding is the Head ref... Im surprised Silent Mike and O'hern werent the other refs. Little good ol' boy network goin on here. It is what it is, and it isnt the IPF so who gives a shit right?
    In my gods honest opinion, it's a good lift. He didnt hitch it, the bar did go up and down but... Was he pulling slack out of it? Or had he commenced the lift? It didnt look like the weight was off the floor. What do you think?

    Here's SPF rule book for reference.
    SPF Rule Book – Southern Powerlifting Federation

    Rules for the Deadlift
    1. The bar must move upwards in one continuous motion.
    2. Gloves or lifting straps may not be worn. Wrist wraps may be worn, but they may not touch the bar during the lift.
    3. A hook grip or “hooking” is permitted during the deadlift. Hooking is covering the last joint of the thumb with the other fingers of the same hand while gripping the bar.
    4. “Hitching” or jerking the bar up the thighs is not allowed.
    5. The lifter’s feet must remain stationary throughout the lift.
    6. The intentional release of the bar from above the knees may be interpreted as equipment abuse and could result in immediate ejection from the meet
    7. The Lifter may begin the lift after assuming their position facing the front of the platform with the bar on the platform in front of them upon hearing the “BAR READY” command and the Head Judge giving the “LIFT” signal by raising their hand.
    8. Any raising of the bar or any deliberate attempt to do so will count as an attempt.
    9. Judges look for the lifter to be standing completely erect, shoulders back, chest out, and knees locked but not hyper-extended at completion of the lift.
    10. The lifter may not lower the weight at the completion of the lift until the Head Judge gives the “DOWN” command by lowering their hand.
    11. The bar must remain in the lifters control during the descent. Any dropping or throwing the bar down will result in a “BAD/NO LIFT” call.

    Causes of Disqualification of a Deadlift
    1. Any downward motion of the bar before it reaches the final position.
    2. Failure to stand fully erect with the knees locked at the completion of the lift.
    3. “Hitching” or “Supporting” the bar by allowing it to rest on the thighs during the performance of the lift. ‘Supporting’ is defined as a body position adopted by the lifter that could not be maintained without the counterbalance of the weight being lifted.
    4. Movement of the feet laterally, backward or forward that would constitute a step at any point during completion of the lift.
    5. Lowering the bar before receiving the Head Referee’s “DOWN” signal.
    6. “Dropping” the bar. “Dropping” is defined as allowing the bar to return to the platform without maintaining contact and control of the bar with both hands
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    Hard to say unless you were lying on the ground and could see the bottom of the plates. Probably only the front judge could realistically see, so one red and two whites in a stricter meet most likely. But like you said it's a bush league federation anyway.
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    Keep in mind he did this shit, even without a belt. After squatting 677, and benching a huge number as well... At 220lbs! Fucking crazy.
    Following him on IG, the video is from a better angle, and it looks like the outside plates never left the ground, so he's essentially just pulling the slack out of the bar?
    Either way massive weight.
    Eddie pulled less than 200lbs more, weighing double what Cailler does... Makes you wonder what would happen with some extra bodyweight leverage.....
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    I didn't notice he was beltless the first time I saw. He'll pull over 1000lbs in the next couple years.
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    I saw this when he posted it. Absolutely amazing. He did this @ 215 lbs.

    I think he’s got like a 580 or 590 wilks?