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    hey. i had a quick question.
    using my particular situation for an example,
    i'm consuming about 3000 calories, 220g protein a day. does it matter if i eat the majority of these calories, protein, carbs, etc late at night? early morning? 5-6 small meals throughout the day?? or does it not matter as long as you get the nutrition in?

    people doing intermittent fasting swear by eating everything later. i'm busy, although i meal prep and have snacks, sometimes i go long periods without eating however, i do get all of my calories and macros in everyday
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    It's what works for you, honestly. Eat more in the morning, eat more at night see how your body reacts based on your goals.
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    I assumed it wouldn’t matter as long as you get it in. Then again, it makes sense to eat 5-6 times a day.
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    Different things work for different people... And yet everything will work for everyone... To a point.

    How's that for a contradiction? :rolleyes:

    Figure out what your body responds best to and run with it..
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    Hey Sparky, as all have said find what works for you. I am lucky in the fact I am eat a specific times throughout the day. It works for me both the logistics of it and keeping me full and feeding the body as I need it. I also change my meals around based on my workouts, it's all the same food just swapped around depending on gym timing.
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  6. Honestly agree with the above. Believe it’s all trial and error. Figuring out what works best for your body at what periods of the day and around training. For me personally I do well with managing body composition while in a caloric surplus by consuming most of my carbs around training.. pre/intra/post. Also those are my biggest meals of the day as well. I keep fats as low as I can and protein intake is relatively high I’m giving some different a shot. But also on the other side of it when I’m cutting down my carbs are still consumed around my workout. Only difference is normally there are carbs in meals further away from my training time and when carbs get cut for getting lean those carbs in meals farthest away get cut first.
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