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    hey. i had a quick question.
    using my particular situation for an example,
    i'm consuming about 3000 calories, 220g protein a day. does it matter if i eat the majority of these calories, protein, carbs, etc late at night? early morning? 5-6 small meals throughout the day?? or does it not matter as long as you get the nutrition in?

    people doing intermittent fasting swear by eating everything later. i'm busy, although i meal prep and have snacks, sometimes i go long periods without eating however, i do get all of my calories and macros in everyday
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    It's what works for you, honestly. Eat more in the morning, eat more at night see how your body reacts based on your goals.
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    I assumed it wouldn’t matter as long as you get it in. Then again, it makes sense to eat 5-6 times a day.
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    Different things work for different people... And yet everything will work for everyone... To a point.

    How's that for a contradiction? :rolleyes:

    Figure out what your body responds best to and run with it..
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    Hey Sparky, as all have said find what works for you. I am lucky in the fact I am eat a specific times throughout the day. It works for me both the logistics of it and keeping me full and feeding the body as I need it. I also change my meals around based on my workouts, it's all the same food just swapped around depending on gym timing.
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  6. Honestly agree with the above. Believe it’s all trial and error. Figuring out what works best for your body at what periods of the day and around training. For me personally I do well with managing body composition while in a caloric surplus by consuming most of my carbs around training.. pre/intra/post. Also those are my biggest meals of the day as well. I keep fats as low as I can and protein intake is relatively high I’m giving some different a shot. But also on the other side of it when I’m cutting down my carbs are still consumed around my workout. Only difference is normally there are carbs in meals further away from my training time and when carbs get cut for getting lean those carbs in meals farthest away get cut first.
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    Despite what people will tell you, it doesn't matter for most people and their goals. Might take a little longer to get to the goal but calories and protein account for 90% or so of nutrition.[​IMG]

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  8. What matters more in terms of timing is how you intend to use the calories/energy throughout the day. For example; if you workout at 4pm but consume most of your calories AFTER 4pm, you may find that youre not as strong or even alert during your workouts, compared to dividing up your calories/meals throughout the day, rather than all in one evening.

    Its always prudent to spread out your caloric intake throughout the day to help speed up metabolism = fat burning, and maintain stable blood sugars IMHO.
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    Proven to be 100% false in mutiple studies. Mutiple meals does not speed up metabolism, doesn't stroke the metabolic fire or any of that other stuff.

    Go to lean gains and read the studies.GGo read Eric helms stuff, Alan argon etc.
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  10. Im aware of the studies, particularly the study/link Eman provided, i recall reading that several years ago. However, Ive tried the 3 meals per day and it just doesn't work for me. I need 5 (often 6) small meals to keep the furnace stoked all day long reducing fatigue. For me, and many others, this theory is responsible for helping to maintain stable fuel and blood sugar for daily chores and overall feeling of alertness. Even when my diet is not dialed in i dont notice that im really gaining any additional fat tissue. But this could very well be other factors that are nt being measured equally and as precise.

    Thanks for pointing that out though guys. I always appreciate other opinions, particularly ones that are backed with studies and really data.
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    Even though I posted that study, I still tend to agree with you. I've seen enough guys get better results with your type of structure that it can't be just a coincidence. I do think the majority do fine with low meal frequency though... I just don't believe that it is practical all the time, especially when you're trying to grow and/or you're at a higher level of muscle mass.
  12. Totally agree.
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    Hey, when you guys are cutting. Are you still keeping your protein at the same amount? And trying to reduce calories? Or does everything get reduced during a cutting phase?

    Also, is it difficult to build muscle with minimal carbs? I read about glycogen levels all the time and I understand the energy reserve. But why are carbs so important for building muscle when carbs are for energy? Am I comprehending this right?

    A lot of people that are jacked or in shape will reduce carbs and still have energy to train and still maintain their physique.

    Trying to fully understand this.
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    You better believe it matters WHEN fffidstuffs are consumed
    bc in short once metabolic needs for protein and carbs are met what’s left over is stored AS FAT.

    And for this reason more effective diets emphasize the importance of multiple small meals consumed thruout the day rather than a couple BIG UNS.

    Oh and if you wanna pack on some FAT eat a carb laden meal
    just before bedtime .

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    Agreed Eman as once again the devil is in the details, such that younger folk can get away with eating just about anything bc their metabolic demands are higher.

    That being said of the few Pros I know all eat multiple meals throughout the day, esp during competition, as it enables them to maintain a lean appearance.
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    Jim, didnt the intermited fastening group prove that meal frequency doesnt matter?