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Discussion in 'New Member Introduction' started by D Rogers, Aug 17, 2019.

  1. D Rogers

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    Hey all,

    Newbie here, but not to the game. When I heard that Meso had one of the least moderated source forums, I knew I would find better sources here. And I have!

    I decided to join as a member and participate. The amount of moderation on some other forums is insane. I am looking forward to participating here.

    Gear wise I am currently interested in dry compounds stacked on top of a TRT dose without any AI. I want to see what kind of gains can be made while keeping things drama-free and dry, with my estrogen currently dialed on my dose.

    Now that I've found sources here, I am curious about high dose primo and DHB. I am planning an upcoming 16 week cycle of either 120mg test + 800-1000mg primo, or 120mg test + 400mg DHB out of curiosity. I would cut for four weeks, and then see what kind of lean gains I could make at a 300-400 cal surplus for the next 12.
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    Welcome to Meso!

    Plenty of guys here with knowledge on Primo/DHB; just not me. If no one answers here you might want to ask in the "Steroid Forum"
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    Are you from a board like BOP or SST? If so you came to the right place to learn and grow, so welcome to Meso which is truly a unique board.
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    Welcome to the board bro! I have done DHB myself and its one of the best steroids out there. You will like it alright!
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  5. I am running 150/day (1050mg week) Primo E.. going on week 7...I’m taking that with 600mg Test Cyp split Saturday/Wednesday. And finally 800mg Mast E.

    Although I cannot comment on DHB, all in all, the gains with Primo are steady. It’s too subtle for me to notice, but people that see me like a week apart take notice.
    BTW, my first time using Primo.
  6. Vipera1

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    Did you consider tren?
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  7. D Rogers

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    Thanks for welcoming me bros. I know I've come to the right board.

    I appreciate the suggestions from everyone. I am reading up on a low dose tren cycle but I am prone to psychological sides so I have always feared Tren. Don't want to make my wife and coworkers hate me.

    Will probably post a log of whatever cycle I run. I don't see a lot of logs with low/trt test and high primo, or much of any logs with DHB at all.