can a gh serum test be faked with peptides?

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  1. Spiderman2010

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    does anyone know if a gh serum test can be faked with peptides or other substance? meaning if you inject 10iu then 3 hours later do blood work and get a gh level reading of 15-35 is that for sure that it is real gh or can that spike be duplicated with something else like a peptide or other substance?
  2. 3ml

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    This is why most don’t trust a GH serum alone
    And get an IGF score done as well
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  3. amar7

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    can you elaborate? GH serum should measure GH and GH only.
  4. amar7

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    wheras igf-1 can be faked with igf1lr3 and other peptides or hormones that do influence igf-1 levels
  5. 3ml

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    No Gh serum doesn’t exactly look for exogenous GH
    You can get a large serum spike from peptides and it will show up on your GH serum
    But because of the short pulses of peptides they don’t raise your igf levels much. The best way to test GH is get a GH serum and IGF Test if they are both elevated then good chance your gh is real
  6. 3ml

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    Unfortunately you are wrong again LR3 will not show up on IGF tests
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  7. Spiderman2010

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    This is correct. Two totally different igf's
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  8. Buck1973

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    although the serum test is acurate the human body is not and test results will vary greatly day to day on the xact same HGH product.
    How ever no peptides or anything eles i have found that will fool that test.....
    If you get a elevated serum test it should give you some confidence that you have HGH
  9. 3ml

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    In Canada basically all of the Canadian generic brands are fake and some have shown elevated serum spikes. Now I’m not the one building these fake kits so I’m not sure what is in them but it’s not GH most are guessing peptides
  10. Buck1973

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    who's test?
    love to hear from them
    and post up some results
    when i say elevated serum tests I meen elevated as HGH elevates them on a similar dose
    so one would estblish a record and know how they xpect to test
    the standard reference range use to b 0-2.9
    its now where i test 0-10.

    a good serum on 10 iu's 3 hours post inject for the ave guy would b 20-40 wide range i know there are some that fall beyond this range and is not uncommon.

    so if were talkin about a pep that can elevate a HGH serum test.
    they may to some degree but no way in the degree that HGH can.....

    a pep cannot b passed off as HGH with a serum test and a little xperience
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  11. 3ml

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    There have been many brands in Canada that have been released
    Using the same reference range that you have noted the tests for whatever Gh brand of the week comes out posts serum tests if 24-26 kind of thing. Everyone gets all horny and buys these kits up. Then blood work of actual customers comes out and the so called GH isn’t so good
    I guess this is where there is actually a bit of a hole in my argument and maybe I should actually side with your reasoning.
    I just actually thought of this.
    When customer results come out the serum scores are generally much lower than and igf is elevated slightly above normal not an indication of good gh.
    So in saying that I guess you are right. It’s just become so common in Canada now that no one will accept a serum score alone. Now that I realize this these so called GH distributors are likely getting people to do the tests on real GH and fucking people over. The general consensus in Canada is that the makers are putting peptides in the kits to try and give some gh like results to fool the consumer.

    So actually I am in agreement with you now. I still believe peptides can elevate your serum just not sure to what degree and the 2.5-3.5 hr test wouldn’t likely work with pepetides.

    That being said if you are already getting bloods why not pull an igf score too unless you are just starting your gh.
  12. Buck1973

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    both tests i have found have there flaws
    here you would b out over 100 bucks
    lab tests is wat i choose but never on every kit they are much more costly but you get true results and no guessing
    also remember those peps are not free
    reasonable HGH is in my opinion cheap
  13. 3ml

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    Things are a bit different in Canada. In the states you guys have lots of good options. We can’t even get blacktops here direct it’s brutal.

    When I draw bloods my igf Test is an additional 27$ and when you pay what you have to pay for GH in Canada you wanna make sure.

    I agree both tests have flaws but it’s better than going by feel.

    Fuck I wish I lived in the states I’d run huge doses of GH lol. Up here it’s so hard
  14. stone988

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    Possibly HGH 192 and HGH frag 176 could give elevated serum levels.
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  15. Spiderman2010

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    the reason i asked this question and started the thread is because i bought hgh for the first time from china. I am an experienced bodybuilder of over 30 years training consistently and many cycles just never hgh. I have good genetics and have always responded well to stuff. Well i took 5 iu's of the gh and did a serum test and it came back as 7.7 I know your supposed to to 10iu but i did not. i had been taking 5-6iu per day for 3 months. i got zero results. i then had my igf tested. my normal igf was tested before on nothing and came in at 188. well after 3 months of this hgh and after the serum test i tested the igf and it came back as 158. I was also wondering how my gh serum would have been if i had shot 10iuis instead of 5u's. But the point is i got zero increase in if levels and zero real life effects from the stuff and i was wondering if it could be just peptides or another substance that china is using to boost gh serum for a few hours to get a good test result.
  16. 3ml

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    I’d venture to say if your igf levels didn’t rise it isn’t gh. How long did you take the test after you shot the 5 iu
  17. janoshik

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    I've never ever seen 192 aa hgh, but that is true.

    HGH frag won't do nothing about serum levels, I haven't seen an antibody binding to that part only.
  18. master.on

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    Maybe there's some truth to this?
    This can well explain why real pharma GH gives much better results than UG, despite bloodwork not being too different?
    (UG GH may 'fool' bloodtests yet doesn't act the same in the body)
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  19. Naugahyde

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    Doubt there is much 192 around any more these days as it takes as much biotechnology expertise to create a 192 as a 191 AA chain so what would be the point? Frag 176 is easier so quite possibly yes. The Chinese are wickedly clever - it's possible they are using a new or rare pep to mimic GH - but there's no evidence I've seen.
  20. DragoT

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    You guys are underestimating China, it's educational system and scientific achievements. China in 2017 is not China of Mao's time...