Can depression CAUSE low hormones?

Discussion in 'Men's Health Forum' started by Tyler81, Sep 8, 2010.

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    Tyler81 Member

    I was thinkin' today..

    A lot of people with low hormones claim they are "depressed" and "moody" but can depression itself CAUSE low hormones?

    I have successfully restarted my HPTA using clomid, but i sometimes wonder why my hormones were low in the first place.

    My endo told me "stress" most likely- and that when the body is stressed, it chooses survival over replication and can cause a drop in hormones.

    I thought that was pretty incredible, that stress can cause a drop in hormones, and i'd assume depression can cause that same drop in hormones.

    The ironic part is,

    If you use an SSRi, your T levels might drop.

    If you don't use an SSri, you might be more stressed and your T levels might drop.

    If you go onto TRT, you have to worry about estrogen and fertility and all this other fine tuning, and it might make you depressed!!!!!


    So you are damned if you do, damned if you don't.

    Personally i felt more "out of balance" when I was on TRT, probably because of estrogen issues and the ups and downs.

    But like many people here, "something" still feels off. And I may try a low dose SSri and see if that helps my overall mood and outlook. Even tho i'm probably fucking myself in the ass with regards to my libido... but my libido is sh*t anyway, so whateva.

    As I said, damned if i do, damned if i don't.

    But TRT was a mess for me, and i dont want to repeat that experience now that my T levels are ok

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    Logan39 Member

    Really glad to hear about your hormone levels coming back. I often have wondered the same thing. I have been trying to figure out if it is a chicken or egg thing. I know stress has had a major impact on my results but I wonder which came first the low T or the stress
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    Chris.N Member

    Absolutely. Hormone levels change all the time. I mean different diets, sleep patterns, exercise, and lack thereof will effect your hormone levels. Stress can cause a disruption in sleep, diet, and exercise therefore causing low hormone levels.
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    Garbanzo Dude

    Garbanzo Dude Junior Member

    I think if you are depressed you're mostly likely less active and that in its self with cause bad hormones to go up and good ones to go down...
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    Chris.N Member

    Stress can jack up a lot of things.
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    Tyler81 Member

    The thing is, I was pretty active. I goto the gym no matter what 2-3 times a week. I was working for a not for profit company doing fundraising type work. I would hang out with friends on weekends.

    Maybe I was/am depressed/stressed, but i wasn't sitting around in my room or anything.

    Perhaps my low hormones were due to stress/depression, i dont really know.
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    avanti Junior Member

    Do you think living in a crap bedist with no company and just coming home and jerking off to youporn while taking finasteride, no exercise and crap diet included, made my sytem more likely to crash?

    I took fin for 5 years with sides but recovered. The final year in that bedsit noticed loss of chest/calf hair, then panic attack on penultimate quit. Then shrinkage and full blown crash on final quit.
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    Tyler81 Member

    Whats bedist?

    Yeah coming home and jerking off to youporn with crap diet and no excercise WOULD fuck you up. You are eating crap, you aren't taking care of your body, AND you are depleting your energy stores/vitality by jerking off all the time. Psychologically, you were probably down too, because you knew you were wasting your life.

    So yeah. That would do it.
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    CubbieBlue Member

    Starting to sound like Musulman, and you should know he's FOS.
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    Tyler81 Member

    Whats FOS?

    It's a fact dude. If you jerk off too much you feel like sh*t. You are depleting your "chi" energy. That is the male essence.

    Sexual energy is what drives a man. And if you are jerking off all the time, it depletes you. You become this hollow shell of a dude.

    Sex is good for you. Jerking off blows.
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    CubbieBlue Member

    Full of shit.

    If you jerk off it depletes your chi energy? THAT is a fact?
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    Kwirion Member

    Copy & paste from another forum:
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    james2012 Member

    Yes and no. A number of psychiatrists - mine included - are honing in on the cause of depression in hyperactive cortisol cases. Lengthy over-stimulation leads to the desensitizing of the HPA axis to CRH. CRH is responsible for the negative feedback loop that down-regulates cortisol in the adrenals and lead to excessive cortisol levels even after the stress is removed. That is why CRH is being looked into as an anti-depressant. It all gets very technical, but lower testosterone, while it can lead to depression, the more common case is that poor cortisol control leads to the depressive state and the lowering of testosterone, bone mass, poor immune response, etc. In short, stress does kill - literally.

    This all gets extremely technical and way beyond me in all the details, but I can grasp some of what I read. One doctor heading up the charge is George Chrousos. Google just his last name and add the word testosterone. Or even over-training. If it has to do with the HPTA axis and the effects on testosterone, immunology, and neurology he's the man and you will probably find a trove of information.

    One last note - there is rarely a true case of truly depressive disorder. Most cases are unstable mood disorders. You can tell if you are later case if your response to SSRIs is quick (within a week), vs. the usual 4 weeks. I am NOT a doctor, so always check with a health care professional. My psychiatrist wrote a book titled Roller Coaster (Paul Putmann). Get it if you have a family history of depression. I am off all SSRIs and take only clonazepam - I am at the low end of the spectrum of unstable mood disorders with the higher spectrum including Bipolar type I and II disorders. I'm lucky in that respect.

    However, keep this in mind. Many unstable mood disorder sufferers are also hypersensitive to hormone levels so balancing things out becomes more difficult - not impossible - just more difficult.
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    Chris.N Member

    Chi Energy ?!?! what does this have to do with your question ? If you want to talk religion, I am sure there are plenty of buddisht forums you can go join, but if you want medical advice about Men's health then keep your hippie crap to yourself. I am not trying to be rude, but honestly do you want to talk about Energy or why you might be medically depressed ?

    Just a point.
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    james2012 Member

    Chi energy? Let's stay medical here. Sure, too much masturbation and too much sex can lead to a feeling of being drained - I've been there in my twenties when my party life was in high gear. I was having sex four times/week with different girls and jerking off two times a day. After about a month of this I suddenly became uninterested in sex and really enjoyed just staying home and chilling out. About two months later I was back in the game. There is probably a medical reason for this, but its not Chi energy.

    Now if you'll excuse me I have to go balance my Chakras for optimal inter-dimensional being channeling.
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    Chris.N Member


    It could also mean that you have a demon in your nutsack.

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    Garbanzo Dude

    Garbanzo Dude Junior Member

    finestrade (propecia) is some nasty drops your DHT way too low.....if you must, try .5mg eod....But I do agree, coming home and "jerking off" to porn is bad for your health and energy..... get a girlfriend and jerk it with her....:D
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    Chris.N Member

    Okay come on guys, Really !?!?!

    Now I am married so jerking off is not something I do anymore and actually was not something I ever did a lot of. But what is the difference between jerking off and getting it on with your girlfriend ? and how is jacking off bad for your health ?.

    Sure I can see how watching porn all the time and jacking off would be depressing, but it is definitely not unhealthy for your body. You have to keep the pipes moving and flowing. If your body produces all this sperm and you are not releasing it, this I believe would be more unhealthy and bad for you. The truth is you can either let it all out on your own time with masturbation or you will mess your sheets in the night. Either way it has to come out.
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    Garbanzo Dude

    Garbanzo Dude Junior Member

    I'll give the simple short answer....when getting off to your have a weak orgasm and thus you probably do it few more times.... its not the same as sex...otherwise no one would want to get laid....psychologically its bad cause you get in the habit of beating it rather than trying to pick on a girl...look for Dr. Scally's study on masturbation I think it was posted last week.....also in east they say that your chi or engery gets drained when you jerk off.

    Now here me.....I'm not saying I never do it....I even may have over did it when I was younger....all I was saying is that it was bad for his overall health, (mood, test, confidence, etc) in that situation
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    Chris.N Member

    I will agree that it may be bad for your mood and confidence but not your physical health and testosterone levels. You can only bank so much sperm before it finds it's way out, so it is either to deal with blue balls ( which is not healthy), find a chick, jack off, or wet dream. So for all the guys who cant score the ladies, jerking it or wet dreams is really their only option.

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