Can HIV and other viruses pass trough 0.22 um filters?

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    ...we have determined the diameters of mature and immature HIV-1 to be 110 to 128 and 132 to 146 nm, respectively...
    Determination of the size of HIV using adenovirus type 2 as an internal length marker. - PubMed - NCBI

    110 nanometers = 0.11 micrometers
    Convert nm to um - Conversion of Measurement Units
    so the HIV (AIDS) is half as big as the 0.22 um filters pore and can pass unfiltered

    In the processing of biologics, viruses must be removed or inactivated, requiring the use of nanofilters with a smaller pore size (20–50 nm) are used. Smaller pore sizes lower the flow rate, so in order to achieve higher total throughput or to avoid premature blockage, pre-filters might be used to protect small pore membrane filters.
    Sterilization (microbiology) - Wikipedia

    The problem is that oil being so thick may not pass trough 20-50 nanometer filters.

    And the HIV is a relatively large virus, most other viruses are smaller, so they can well pass trough unfiltered.

    It looks like 70% ethyl alcohol degrades most viruses proteins, rendering them inactive on evaporation

    You can pour raws on a beaker or shallow pan, pour enough 70% ethyl alcohol to fully cover raws, and allow it to fully evaporate to "kill" viruses.
    Best if you only pour a shallow layer for faster evaporation.
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    How would you get the ethyl alcohol off afterwards?
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    The betters question is, what kind of fuckin lab are you brewing in that you need to worry about HIV?
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    Wonder if he’s concerned about the raws
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    Look up the conditions HIV need to survive. Basically if you gets HIV from your raws then it was fate and God has a plans for you with HIV
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    Also, what kind of supplier are you dealing with that HIV in raws are a concern??
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    The alcohol readily evaporates itself.

    Unlikely but possible:
    What if your favorite source has a pissed off HIV+ employee who cums on your raws and you inject that?

    McDonald’s employee ejaculating into Big Mac secret sauce for years
    McDonald’s employee ejaculating into Big Mac secret sauce for years

    Man accused of ejaculating in his boss' coffee everyday for 4 years

    What if he scratches off his finger when weighing raws and some blood drops fall on raws? Sure he takes out most, but not all of the red stain.

    More likely:
    What if he sneezes an asian flu virus on your raws and you inject that?
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    By the time those raws get to you, the cum is dried and the HIV has died. Come on man.
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    What if you get slightly moist raws?
    70% alcohol drying is so simple and cheap so why risk it?
    Alcohol drying also prevents cloudiness from moist raws.

    HIV survival outside the body

    ...Dried preparations of concentrated HIV retained some infectious virus after 4 and 7 days. In 1986, Resnick and colleagues reported HIV surviving for more than 15 days in wet conditions and up to 3 days after drying...

    ...A review published in 2006 states that HIV survives more than 7 days on dry surfaces. In wet conditions, such as in a used syringe or needle, research published in 1999 showed that HIV can survive for weeks at room temperature...

    HIV survival outside the body
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    So that means for theres to be a chance. Your raw has to be jizzed on and shipped then make it to you and then opened up and brewed all within 7 days. If your raws are moist you're going to know it.
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    We get you're trying to bring awareness to dangers bro, but your stretching very far.
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    Let me add. I know injecting stuffs bring a much higher risk as there is not stomach, mucus, or else to fight off infection before enterings of the blood stream. So injection carries the highest of risks because it bypasses all of that, however you're still stretching a lot.

    You're assuming the product was first infected, survived storage at the plant, survied to the seller for however long it was there and was shipped. Or it was infected at the last step before shipping. Then survived it's trip from china or the 2-3 days of USPS. Then survived storage in your home. survived brewings in BA/BB, survived the heat, and survived the filtration, then survived all the time it sat on your shelf. Then it made it passed your body defences to let the infection grab hold.

    Possible yes. But I'll put my faith in African tap water before worring about virus in my raws.
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    Thank you for the advise mater.on I think what you're tryings to say is, when you get your raws, open them to ensure they are dry, then seal them back up and let them sit for 1-3 months to ensure any virus has died. Unless there is a virus that can feed anaerobically on a hormone.
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    Use a black light to look for the dried up jizz.
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    Stop jerking off around the raws master.on
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    I have a better chance fucking a dirty whore with hiv than my supplier sending me hiv.
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    Cum on man
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    For a robot, you're a dipshit.
    Hiv cannot survive outside of the body for very long. That 3 week shipping time pretty much assures assures your gear is HIV free.....until you inject it .
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