Can i fool the test?

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    After self prescribing last few years trt, im 47, 200lbs.
    I brought it up to a new primary care doc who has successfully Benn treating my type 2 DM. Ive been cruising last 3 months on 150mg week, stopped a month ago, labwork due in two weeks. Will it still show low T? Ive been testef befor around 250. I have a young son and wife so will push for the injectable. It would be nice to have a bottle of test that realy was test. Until i get this homebrew thing down.
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    Home brewing won’t mean your bottle of test is actually test either. Labs use the same raws you’d be buying. Only way to know what you have is to get it tested or at least labmax it.
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    I feel like you already know the answer to this question?

    Obviously it depends on what ester you were pinning.
    If it was test e or cyp your numbers are probably pretty low right now

    PIZZABOY Member

    Yup, tested at 250. Rest of bloodwork outstanding. Normal range is 250- 847.
    Because it was not 249, he wont write. I mentioned 750 as a goal, he said 500. Looks like we are worlds apart, next test in 3 months also is checking Tsh
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    New doc?
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  6. Mac11wildcat

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    Get a new doctor. That’s pretty dumb. You could intentionally crash but if he wouldn’t rx over one point what’s he going to do when he sees the results?
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    IDK why anyone would go thru such a hassle and lie to their HCP in an effort to acquire what amounts to, at most, a single $50 vial of testosterone an month.

    If your subterfuge is uncovered you'll look like an idiot. And if your doc has half a brain and gives a shit those being evaluated for low T are legitimate candidates for TRT, chances are you will be asked to explain an abnormal urine drug screen.

    Of course one look at a users build provides a tale of the tape.

    Wanna know why few docs are willing to help mange the adverse effects of AAS ------ the untrustworthy nature and immaturity of users.
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    Lets see a young fella with a muscular build walks into the office but rest assured regardless of the registered complaint, "low T" is NOT on a part of a physicians diagnostic list.

    Dumb NOT, that's a Doc who doesn't want to place is license in jeopardy by prescribing TT as a PED.

    Only fools with nothing to lose believe its dumb!
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    He’s 47...

    I’m not walking in to a dr office asking for a script.

    You honestly believe a reading at 250, the absolute low of what is medically considered normal T levels, isn’t a reason to prescribe for improvement of his day to day as a 47 year old..?

    Really? Believe it or not what seems to be your go to “young fella” excuse isn’t applicable as often as you’d like. Is 47 not prime time for TRT?
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    PIZZABOY Member

    I just wanted to go legit, got alot going on in my life now. Trust me, 250 is not where you want to be. I regret ever bring Trt up to him now. Should have just continued with the DM control and left it at that, at least we have made headway there.
  11. Dr JIM

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    You obviously know little about the indications for TRT. But I'll give you a hint a single number is only part of the story.

    Oh I know many would like to believe otherwise, but doctors treat PATIENTS with signs and symptoms rather than lab values, and as evidenced by this thread alone the OPs doc see's what you refuse to recognize, something is awry and TRT is not indicated!

    You wanna cycle go for it but keep your doc out of those efforts to use TRT as a PED supplement.
  12. Dr JIM

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    Considering the lipid derangements of DM, TRT poses special challenges in such patients and close monitoring. To that end I'd suggest you begin with something of proven benefit, diet and exercise but I know .....

    PIZZABOY Member

    My recent lipid panel was outstandingly well. I understand the impact Trt brings into the picture..Diet is on point, low carb, and low glycemic ones for the most part. Exercise is a 10 hour workout 5 days a week, i have a physicaly demanding job, im on my feet all day, i push thousand pond molds around, jumping on 80 to 100 toggles to lock them down. I make a dozen or so pours of chemicals into these molds. Weights range from 100 to 300 lbs. This is with one other person. I have used an app that says i walk 6 miles a day. My job is my gym right now. To gain weight i eat more, to lose less. On trt im at 192, off im at 170. I just cant put mass on without Trt. Its frustrating. Energy l levels are low, no libido, Ed. With a little extra test, i feel and look best. I appreciate your input