Can masturbation impact your workout?

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    Can masturbation impact your workout?
    Masturbation before a workout: Is there any effect?

    Masturbation is a healthy and safe sexual activity that has links to numerous health benefits, such as pain relief and stress reduction. Opinions on how masturbation affects exercise vary, but there is not enough evidence to support one view over the other.

    Some members of the health and fitness community are in a debate about the potential risks and benefits of masturbation before a workout.

    Some people believe that masturbation can influence levels of testosterone, which plays a crucial role in promoting overall physical fitness. They also think that masturbation and other sexual activities can lead to improvements in mood and lower stress, which can indirectly improve physical performance.

    However, other people think that masturbation adversely influences physical performance due to excess energy expenditure. Continue reading to learn about the possible benefits and side effects associated with masturbating before a workout.
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    “Not if you limit it to in-between your sets, I would never advise someone to rub one out mid-squat.”

    “Definitely can, you’d be banned from the gym for sure ”
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    Lol, I was under the impression that masturbation can actually influence the increase of prolactin through ejaculation. So whether it’s sex or masturbation the ejaculation process sends a signal for that there has been an increase in dopamine which in return can cause an increase in prolactin. Is there any truth to this ???
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