Can obese lose weight with raising test levels??

Discussion in 'Steroid Forum' started by Bigg638, May 15, 2018.

  1. Bigg638

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    Okay so I currently weigh 400 lb some of the guys at work told me about testosterone 250 and told me if I up my test a little bit per week it would help with weight loss if I take test 250, eat right and weight train with light weight/high repd will I lose weight or blow up? Any recommendations will help
  2. Gbro

    Gbro Member

    Eat less move more. Thats the secret.
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  3. Bigg638

    Bigg638 Junior Member

    So no test?
  4. Bigg638

    Bigg638 Junior Member

    Are u a woman? No offense?
  5. Gbro

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    Don't let the rack fool you. They're not mine. lol

    Test is anabolic, it's for growing. There are studies showing men losing a little fat and gaining some muscle, but they're based on average sedentary guys. I know that's not what you want to hear right now. Get your diet dialed in with a decent deficit, and lift hard 3-4 days a week to preserve muscle. You can try stimulants like clen or an eca stack, but long term they suck. I have no doubt that you have a good base of muscle, just stick with the cut and let it come threw.
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  6. Evom1

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    Just eat less and move more. Seriously. Dropping 150-200lbs should be simple from where you are

    You take test when you're that high of a body fat percentage you're taking a MASSIVE health risk for zero benefit
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  7. Bigg638

    Bigg638 Junior Member

    Lol. Ok. Yeah I been a big dude my whole life I've been trying to lose weight for some time now and nothing seems to work. I was starting to think that maybe my testosterone levels were low but I guess I just have to stick at it appreciate the advice.
  8. Evom1

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    Check out the vertical diet
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  9. Bigg638

    Bigg638 Junior Member

    ok. And just one last Test? Not even a little? From what I have been reading up on it is that it helps speed up the metabolism. Honestly I didn't really see any risk factors when it came to short term use in a really small dosage
  10. Bigg638

    Bigg638 Junior Member

    But I will look into the vertical diet.
  11. Evom1

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    What are your test levels now according to your blood work? If you haven't done blood work, absolutely no test

    I guarantee I could drop 150lbs off you by the end of the year with no test.

    Likely you'll run into huge BP issues running Test. And no, you'll get no benefit from it

    Start every day with a 30min walk before eating or drinking anything. Drink only water, poweraid zero or black coffee, cut out bread and cheese

    Bet if you just do that in a month you'll be down 15+ pounds
  12. Bigg638

    Bigg638 Junior Member

    Ok. I'll keep at it the old fashioned way. Thanks for the advice.
  13. afcceltic00

    afcceltic00 Member

    I think everyone summed it up.

    Get your diet in check first. Harsh reality check but if your way of life got you to 400lbs, test will not be some magical pill to help you now. You need to get your life and eating and motivation in check first. Dieting and working your butt off will do wonders man I promise!!

    It’s just a bad move on the health side of things to throw test in. Your body is already working harder then normal, adding in test will just make it that much harder.

    Start with your diet and I mean really really put your head down and work hard and you will not be disappointed by the results of good old fashioned work. Steroids are for those past their natural ability and they wanna raise the stakes. It’s not some magic pill that will get you shredded when you don’t wanna work.
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  14. Dr JIM

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    PLEASE find a doc, dietician and a trainer to help you lose weight, rather than some gym dud!

    Lets be real here and accept the fact there are no quick fixes to weight loss esp at 400 pounds.

    Will TT help? It may but the risk far exceed the benefits unless your TT levels is below 300ng/dl.

    Are you aware many obese folk actually GAIN WEIGHT when TRT is started?

    Why, bc obese folk often maintain relatively high E-2 levels and supplemental TT tends to increase their E-2 levels

    The net effect is a reduction in free water clearance and weight gain.

    Fella at 400 lbs you really need
    to get some help!

    Good luck
  15. mike4796

    mike4796 Member

    Test will help in my opinion if your levels are at least within normal range vs hypogonadal range. Try losing weight if ur on something like prednisone that is a glucocorticoid and effects cortisol. -not fun-

    But it won’t be anything magical. Even tren wouldn’t be magical. Diet is ur best bet. Plus I think more fat tissue carries more aromatization of test into estrogen which could be bad
  16. TheBeat

    TheBeat Member

    That's close to the last diet I'd consider for your goals.
  17. Bigg638

    Bigg638 Junior Member

    Yeah I was just looking at it. It says to eat a lot of stuff that someone my size shouldn't. I hardly ever eat beef or any carbs except bread n i need to cut that out too.
  18. Bigg638

    Bigg638 Junior Member

    Yeah, ima wait and keep the natural route. I've already lost like 60 but I feel like I hit a plateau. I wasn't looking for anything magical just some sort of help. Still willing to put in the work.
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  19. bubblebuddy

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    good for you man!!
  20. Test_Subject

    Test_Subject Member

    Taking test is a waste of time without a lifestyle change.

    Good on you for trying to lose the weight.
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