Can the HPA axis fix itself?

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    dipskii29 Junior Member

    If the axis is thrown off balance, can it fix itself with time? In my case, I believe i screwed my axis up after self-medicating with way too much thyroid hormone. My body has been fucked up since then. If I go off the medicine and let everything stabilize, can it fix itself? I want to go back on (the appropriate dose of) thyroid hormones, but since the aforementioned incident, my body no longer responds to any dose of thyroid hormones. I'm thinking my hypothalamus is somehow out of whack, which is why I ask this question. My temperatures are always high (99.1-99.3) despite being freezing cold.

    So, is it likely this will fix itself with time as my HPA axis rebalances?
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    foreveryoung Member

    can't say for sure, but I know in my case that time and patience were great for my HPTA things got better in terms of years, I am much better now than I was a year ago, and 3 years ago, etc. not derailing myself by getting back on anything along the way was key I think, now well into my 40's I am better than I was for most of my 30's when I was experimenting and doing trt, etc. but there were rough years along the way as it takes the body time to reset/repair itself after being thrown so out of whack I have been feeling great lately
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    BBC3 Member

    Just some thought....

    First, thyroid is one I have yet to study and for valid reason. I believe its function, and while not located in the brain, man indeed have some MASTER LEVEL command in the HPTA process. It is definitely part of the synchonous harmony of the workings of the body. Truthfully I believe it is both supportive and well as controlling - as everything short of the "brain" is....... And I still place the brain as subordinate to SPIRIT, which I believe governs the body's overall action ViA the CNS and thru the concept of ELECTRCITY. This is another topic we apparently will not live to see in our lifetimes....

    As I falsely connotated early on up there discounting the "H" in HPTA, there was a reason for that. It was to point out that we so quickly discuss the subject and discount the entire rehlm of what we are dealing with.

    THE MEAT. The HPTA axis will ALWAYS "restore" its self to "normal" function - short of an injury or THIS... What seems to be omitted around here (as published thought) is the fact that HPTA organs, glands, whatever - not only govern and regulate, THEY SERVICE. While they are commanders, they are also servicing TISSUE DEMANDS...

    So the real question is (and if you have not injured yourself): Have you effected any REAL physical changes that how now created a NEW Set of physical composition that are now REDEFINING THE JOB of this system...!?!!! Is it now in fact operating "normaly" with relation to YOU, but not socially measured NORMS...?

    So now more importantly even. Are these new conditions a problem, or just a change that we are no used to. Unfortunately, they appear to be a problem more times that not. Due to careless and uneducated action of the part of individuals with access to Pandora's Box, and the ignorance that is bliss in our society and further perverted by ignorance and politics. "Doctors" are the furthest from innocent here, and equally culpible many times, as the individual. We are all cogs in the wheel of WHAT IS - unfortunately. So the focus should be on what changes have occured that may be contributory, and what to do to change them back, or to a more healthy perspective.

    One point about the axis is that if you consider testosterone, there are no known overdoses, and any negative action is long term in nature and usually self mitigated consciously or subconsciously, as whatever thought process is governing any use the body does not like, it quickly FORGOTTEN prior to injury... Hence the ready availability and popularity today. The Thyroid appear to be a different story.. t3, Armour, whatever - is not such a small deal. I dont think it would feel too good to get too much. This is more serious business. Hence I have never allowed my devilish hands to latch on to the notion even.

    For your case, I would like to have said, well - your doc put you on the meds. Perhaps he was sound and maybe you do indeed need to be where he put you. But you indicate SELF MEDICATION. So now given knowing the body will find balance and QUICKLY, something must be wrong. You can always wait it out and see what gives, and based on how uncomfortable you are. But do not hesitate to see a proper MD/and most likely Endo when you have had enough.

    Further, you never know. You may just be fukin yurself by sitting there with your thumb up your ass and further SELF MEDICATING a problem you MAY have created. To now not act is in fact SELF MEDICATING... What if you were to find out down the road that a proper evaluation and diagnosis could have prevented a potentially life long, or life threatening situation!!!?!?!?!?!? Its probably time to see the doc. Get good references... Godd luck...:)

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    dipskii29 Junior Member

    Hmm.. I am a bit confused as my brain is foggy and it's hard to understand but I think I get what you're saying.

    I have seen about 10 doctors and all are stumped as to what is going on. Most are not willing to actually look into it so they say that the problem is most likely psychological, which I do not belive. I know that's possible- I've kept an open mind as to not be arrogant or in denial- but I just dont see that likely at all. I've been off thyroid meds for 6 weeks now and not seen much improvement (a little bit, perhaps) so I'm not sure if maybe it will just take time for my body to return to its normal state. I've had extensive bloodwork done and it hasn't been very determinative in finding the problem. I am young- 20 - and looking at me, I appear very healthy, which is probably why the doctors don't take it seriously, but I am not functioning normally.

    I am at a loss for what to do. Thyroid medication literally doesn't even have an effect on my body anymore; whereas prior to this, every dosage change would effect my metabolism in measurable ways.

    I don't really understand all this. I know a lot about thyroid- I've spent countless hours researching it- but this doesn't seem to be simply a thyroid issue. Something is screwed up and we can't find what.
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    BBC3 Member

    A couple of points:

    If you suspect a problem that you feel is being discounted then the solution is to DOCUMENT. For yourself at a minimum. But I gather you are to some degree? But I am saying WRITE IT DOWN IN LOGS AND IN YOUR OWN HANDWRITING... For YOU TO SEE, and for others if need be. Log what is going on and under what conditions. The more variables and factors you record the better, but only so much for technical review of experts unless they request based on you presentation of general catagories you are tracking. The one big problem I suspect is having a BASE LINE or documentation prior to your situation. But if you saw the doc at all prior to goofing around, you should have records of thoes body temps on file and you could request from those offices via the proper method. You past information will be limited in scope and usefullness for certain. Limited but helpful.

    Keep in mind. A "documenter" is a potential liability. And just by the general premise. So if you attempt to involve it, be sure to remain objective, open, and only hopeful in presentation - and this may still scare the living shit out of them..

    From a health/medical learning standpoint. I find something you said interesting. And I have seen it before. You said that you have hot body temp and feeling cold. In normal human biological activity try to consider the sleep process. If you have ever shaken your mate in the middle of the night to try to get her to get you a quicky, this is a reference point for thought. When ones body slows down metabolicaly for sleep, USUALLY the indications are very warm to hot skin as the body is expelling heat from the day. The person sleeping feels COLD and requires blankets due to. And the CORE body temp is lowering SLIGHTLY. They GET cold, They FEEL cold, But they feel warm to touch by others... You are saying the opposite as You are warm at CORE, and yet feel cold. This is also the same indication as FEVER by illness. Only saying as example. But foo for thought. I would have said maybe you contratdiction to norm was the reason for Psyche diagnosis, but you clearly indicate increased metabolic activity..
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    BBC3 Member

    So why dont you give your full information. STATS. Height, weight, condition, diet, history, diagnosis, prognosis and routines and summonze doc Scally asking him to take a look. it would be better for him to see more if you are hoping for a thought from him. Your window is limited so I am giving you what you need to present conditions OPTIMAL for you to get his help on the glance he can afford...:)

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