Can we discuss once vs twice a week muscle groups Yates

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    so science says twice a week is most efficient

    But Yates trained once a week muscle groups

    I know people can do both. I prefer intensity over volume I like to put my all in the gym get in and get out, the longer ur there the more ur exercises lose emphasis.

    Idk what I’m asking here. I guess for those that are real experienced or anything, what would u do exercise set wise rest periods (mine are 3 minutes) to only train each muscle group but absolutely kill it.

    I’m aiming to do chest tris shoulder/legs/ back bis.

    Hit em once a week but with enough intensity. What are some examples of what it would take intensity wise, rest wise, not just ur typical 8 sets on leg extension but also things like dropping the weight in half and doing 8 more reps, holding at the top during each rep, squeezing muscles u get the point I’m talking every in an out. Does everyone have insight on how much intensity this shit truly takes
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    I’m looking for simpler fewer exercises but highly highly emphasized

    I wanna walk out brutalized
    And really really kick it up a notch.

    My current routine is
    Chest tris shoulders
    Flat dumbell/incline dumbell/ incline machine/ flys
    Weighted dips (mediator between chest tris)
    Close grip bench/skullcrushers/tricep extension machine/ also sometimes v bar push down

    Incline smith OHP
    lat raises 3 sets then run the rack
    May throw in front plate raises

    Squat/ RDL/ quad extension leg curls/ calf raise on leg press 15 reps bent knees 15 reps toes inward is one set

    Deadlifts (still undecided)
    Lat pulldown dumbell rows /barbell rows/ barbell shrugs/ lat pullover rear delt fly machine/rear delt dumbells
    Curls/across the chest curls/ preacher curls

    I feel like some of these exercises on back should be cut out, same with dumbell incline, and just really fuck up the other exercises

    I’ve been growing with this but I feel my growth could be accelerated with more intensity less exercises

    Shoulders are short because chest exercises hit delts a bit mostly front, biceps are short because back hits a lot of those, plus the smaller muscle groups take less volume for me to grow and more intensity as of this current state (what I mean is I haven’t tried every training style in the world and this is what has worked great for me so far, growth kicked up when I keep bicep exercises to three and really focus on destroying the set. Giving 3 minutes to fully recover and destroying again

    All my sets are limited to 3-4 but if I cut out some exercises and keep it simpler I can up that to 5 and just really had that exercise and maybe incorporate drop sets and supersets . I’m going to be studying Dorian Yates Seth feroce and John meadows to get a bit more of an idea but wanna see what some insight is on this

    I’m looking to lower exercises increase intensity and rip those fewer exercises apart. This will make it easier to progressively overload because I will have less numbers to keep track of, my workouts will likely be shorter -maybe- and I will really be able to emphasize progressive overload while still emphasizing every muscle group

    Give me volume I’ll slug through the workout give me intensity I’ll put my life into it. I cannot sit there and half ass shit I feel I’m there for no reason
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    People will say twice a week is better. Show me how many pros train each twice a week vs once. All of the big boys do once a week, it works and if that's what you prefer, then stick to it. But to answer your other question about intensity, here is what I have been doing the last few weeks that has left me feeling like I've been it by a fucking Mac truck for like 3 hours after.

    Using chest as an example:
    Pre exhaust excersise- dumbbell flys.
    Work up sets until you get to a weight where you fail at 12-15 reps. Now time to start your working set. Use that same weight again, rep it until failure, I mean COMPLETE failure. To the point where you can't even do partial reps anymore. Rest pause, (ten deep breaths) and do it again. Now drop the weight down 20-30% and go again until complete failure. Rest pause again and repeat. Drop the weight again one more time. Do the same thing, two rest pause sets to all out failure. Now to really finish it off, do one more rest pause but this time instead of reps to failure, preform a static hold for as long as possible. After this you should be crying and ready to leave, but the work has just started.

    Now move on to your main compound movement- incline bench press.
    Do the exact same thing as above. You won't be able to lift anywhere close to the weight you're use to but so what, this is bodybuilding, we don't care about numbers on the bar.

    After this, pick two more movements of your choice and just do pump sets to really finish things off.
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    I like this a lot
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    I am going to try to incorporate that into my training so far it’s looking like this....

    Flat bench

    Incline machine



    Weighted Dips.
    Tricep extension machine
    tricep skullcrusher
    Vbar push down
    Single arm rope push down knuckles towards floor

    Barbell OHP/machine press
    Lat raises sitting down
    Cable lat raises (hang from smith machine one arm)
    Barbell Shrugs


    Tuesday Legs

    Quad extension

    Hamstring curls
    Romanian deadlift
    Leg press (maybe)
    Calf raises
    -abs leg raises toes to bar 3 sets

    Thursday back/bis

    Lat pull down underhand
    MACHINE ROWS one hand
    Barbell row
    Lat pull over
    Reverse fly machine
    Reverse flys dumbell (15/10partial,15/10,15/10)
    Hammer curl across chest almost to chin
    Dumbell curl
    Preacher curl
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    Looks beautiful man
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    Frequency can work either by increasing or decreasing.. so both can work. If you increase frequency, cut back on the volume. If you decrease frequency, increase the volume.

    If you can post a routine as 'your' routine, that's kind of the first thing to really take a look at. Don't keep a mandatory routine. Always be looking to change things up. The more you mess things up, the greater probability you force the body to improve in response.
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    Training frequency is more important for strength than it is for hypertrophy, in my experience. I definitely get way stronger doing a 3 day a week training block with a variation of squat/dead/bench and then some light supplemental stuff every workout than I do with a dedicated day to each lift and its accessories.
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    Based on some studies I've read, if the main goal is hypertrophy, I think that most people get marginally better gains with a 2-3x frequency, vs a 1x frequency if they kept the total number of sets (10-20) per body part per week the same.

    I personally prefer 1x per week since I like to really tear down the muscle, although I admit that sometimes waiting a week to hit it again feels too long.
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    Ronnie Coleman
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    Honestly there are so many ways to do this. "Studies" are finding what is optimal but if you aren't happy doing it and/or you get injured it really doesn't matter. The main things to consider are if you enjoy it and the training provides progressive overload over time.
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    Man I ain’t never seen a dude with knowledge like victor Martinez this dude is smart af
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    Every study I've ever seen shows 2x a week is better. But studies are useless if anecdotal evidence shows otherwise every time. You ever see the size and physique of the guys writing those studies LOL Clearly it isn't the best way. Almost every pro trains each body part once a week so take that for what it's worth. At the end of the day just do what like the best though, we are all different
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    I also train 1 week using dorian yates and dc principles its working. But when I want to bring a body part I change my split to PPL same principles but the 4th day is on the muscle group I wanna bring up and I'm doing volume workouts not huge volume but more than my normal workouts. It's working great too. But if I hit all muscles 2 per week I'm fatigued and burned out
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    Well as others said here, to me it also matters what you enjoy , i usually get better results with once per week though. It gives you the opportunity to really tire the muscle and with proper nutrition and rest i get better results that way. Now when i have less free time due to work i do 2 times per week and focus on bigger lifts mostly so i can make the most out of the limited available time
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    Interesting thread

    I recently had surgery on my foot, couldn't walk for a month

    Prior, I'd be in the gym 4 times a week minimum

    During my recovery I still wanted to hit the gym so I had to change things up, I couldn't get there as frequently and I couldn't do most exercises

    So I changed to gvt, 10 sets of 10 on the same exercise (machine) one time a week

    Unfortunately I cant give a definitive answer on if it has improved me, it's only been 4 weeks and gvt requires huge drops in usual weights.

    I think I do appear bigger

    The thing to be remembered is that you grow when you rest. So surely, destroying the muscle and then allowing it plenty of rest (once per week) should be best?
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    I ran gvt while cycling and eating 5200cals. I did the 10x10 at 60%. I may have gained a little size but not like a mixture of high and low reps does. It didnt really challenge me like I expected either Workouts were easy for me.
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    I'd say it certainly challenges me, were you doing 4 second negative on each rep?

    My muscles tremble, especially legs when I get to the higher sets

    I am looking for a new routine, as I'm going to be starting a cycle in the coming weeks. I don't want to undersell myself by doing 1 workout a week when I have the enhanced recovery of aas

    What routine did you move onto which you experienced better gains?
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    Ignore that last bit, just seen you made a thread with your new routine, looks good