Can women get gyno?

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  1. my girl friend is interested in getting humor to grow her tits. Any help wud be great!
  2. My girlfriend wants bigger tits.
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    Get a better job so you can buy them for her
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  4. More likely to cause her tits to atrophy, that’s one of the side effects in women.
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    Gals are born with Estrogen dependent breast tissue and it should be obvious some are more endowed than others.

    And bc HTPA disruption also occurs in females using anabolic agents the net effect is markedly supressed E-2 levels and breast atrophy.

    The latter is a universal side effect of anabolics in females.
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  6. Tell her to start dating a comedian.
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    I cry after sex every time...

    God I hate prison.

    I posted this to help the cause to grow some tits.
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