Can you have low T with normal libido?

Discussion in 'Steroid Forum' started by Joe122345, Oct 7, 2018.

  1. Joe122345

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    24 years old. Ran my first steroid cycle at 18. Been on and off steroids since then right up until I was about 23. Then I had an injury and had to take 12 months out of the gym.

    Longest cycle ever was about 36 weeks of testosterone enanthate going up to 800mg EW. Only ran test and Dianabol throughout all the cycles.

    As said got injured fairly badly last year and had to take a straight year out the gym. Also came off all steroids then as well. I never ran a pct after coming off and I never have ran a PCT. I've usually found my natural test kicks in about 3-4 months after coming off cycle without PCT.

    Fast forward to now, 12 months off gear and been back training for around 2 months. Lost EVERYTHING in regards to muscle in them 12 months. I've noticed the following...

    * Feel pretty sluggish and lethargic most days
    * I still have a "normal" sex drive BUT sex feels relatively shit. Orgasms feel very poor and I have to go 4-5 days without any kind of sex or masturbation if I want to have a pleasurable orgasm.
    * After sex or a wank I feel fucking awful for 1-2 days afterwards, lethargic, can't be bothered to even move and feel like shit.
    * Not gained much mass in these nearly 2 months of training natural. A fair bit of strength but little mass.
    * Heart was behaving a little strange a few months ago. HR kept fluctuating extremely high then dropping. But this appears to have resolved its self.

    Could this be low testosterone? It just seems strange, because I still have a fairly decent sex drive, no issues getting a boner on ect.
  2. Logan44551

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    Blood work?
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  3. TRT

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    Low libido is just a symptom. Not everyone gets the same symptoms. Like I always get libido issues and a friend mine never gets them even when his test level was 130ng/dl.
    I'd start a pct protocol now.
  4. dybes

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    dont start a pct now. get your blood checked before. If your test is lower then it was before start a proper pct
  5. Joe122345

    Joe122345 Junior Member

    Thanks for the help guys.

    I've never had blood work done, ever. I approached my doctor about it a while ago and she said "testosterone test? haha I've never heard of any test like it, we don't check testosterone in men".

    Can anyone recommend me a reputable place to get my bloods checked in the UK?

    Very interesting though. I was a little confused with my sex drive still being good. But as you said, its just a symptom, makes sense.

    Is it likely I could have completely destroyed my testosterone? If its been low for a year isn't it unlikely to ever return back to normal?
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    HIGHRISK Member

    Is everyone gonna just overlook the fact at 18 he ran a 36 week cycle? Forget 18 at any age running a 36 week cycle is just plain fucking dumb! Are you kidding me?
  7. TRT

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    Everyone is different. If I were you I'd get bloods done ASAP and then go on long hard pct and go from there. Don't go back to that doctor she's an idiot. There's a few websites I know that allow Americans to pay over the phone internet and then set an appointment and just walk in for the blood test.
    I didn't over look it just chose to help him instead bashing him for it. I'm sure more then just us have said something to him.
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  8. Robfromga

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    You need bloodwork BEFORE you do anything . Anything. Get bloodwork
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  9. bob357sig

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    You can still have libido even with no nuts at all, making no natural T. Libido is a state of mind, frigin molesters on chemical castration still have impulses and have a “libido “ the difference is the ability to do so, “erection”. If you have a libido but can’t get or keep an erection then I definitely think you have an estrogen problem and should do bloods to see where your numbers are. Just my 2c.
  10. Joe122345

    Joe122345 Junior Member

    That’s the thing man I have libido and erections. With the right stimulation my erections are rock hard.

    But my orgasms usually feel very weak and they are not very enjoyable. Seems to take me days to recover from an orgasm as well lol. After sex I go into this lethargic, can’t be bothered to move depressed state for at least 24 hours after. Lots of brain fog too, memory isn’t the best ect.

    Thanks mate! Does this look alright? If I pay for the blood to be drawn at a clinic and not the finger prick blood one they do.

    Testosterone Blood Test - Get your testosterone level tested now...

    I realise that I’ve been a complete and utter idiot with my previous cycles. Which is why I’m trying to stay natural now. I was naive and immature back then, never again!
  11. TRT

    TRT Member

    I believe the finger prick would be blood sugar but then again I just learned about all this easy testing myself.

    Don't sweat the the past. You just learn from it and move forward.
  12. AlwaysHungry

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    Your overthinking and worry about nothing. Let it pass away by the time the time is the best doctor and the best cure. Let it pass or pin again you’re already much time off don’t start to consume cancer drugs just for libido if you have 1-2 times that you need to be with aggressive libido pop some provi and cialis
  13. Dr JIM

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    SHE said !

    Might wanna find a male doc and more importantly tell him the FULL Story.

    That being said hypogonadism as the primary cause of sexual dysfunction is exceedingly RARE in young otherwise healthy males.

    And that includes cyclists your age who almost always recover HTPA/Gonadal functioning in due course, w or wo pct.

    To that end it would behoove you to thoroughly investigate other common causes of SD in those your age, such as drugs, psychological and social issues.

    I’d start by looking at why you chose to run AAS at such a young age, as this alone suggests AAS were being used to fulfill a need or void of some sort.
  14. The Milk Man

    The Milk Man Member

    I’m baffled at the fact you just said fuck it I won’t pct. like that’s mind numbing to me.
  15. barneys

    barneys Member

    If you talk to steroid users who don’t frequent online forums, you’ll find that a large percentage of them don’t pct
  16. Oncewild

    Oncewild Member

    As several have said, get blood work done to check out your hormone levels, not just your total test. If worried you are low test, I would go to a urologist, or at least someone who has a practice that includes folks on hormone therapy so you are within their normal scope of practice.

    I should have had my test levels checked years before, and never did since I had zero sexual issues. High libido, good erections and orgasms, but otherwise sluggish/fatigued most days. Just felt off and complete loss of energy. Felt way older than I was. Finally asked my doc to include bloodwork for my hormone levels feeling something was off. Came back extremely low. Rest is history and feel better in my mid-40's than I did in my early 30's.

    When my brother was telling me he was feeling similar earlier this year, I encouraged him to get checked out. He came back even lower than I did, like 180ng/dl, and is only 30. Same thing, sluggish, felt off, but no sexual sides whatsoever.
  17. Joe122345

    Joe122345 Junior Member

    I didn't just say fuck PCT. I never ran PCT because I didn't like the potential risks of ingesting most of the common drugs used post cycle.

    Also after my last long cycle I unfortunately had a relatively serious traffic accident and extensive surgery. I was told by my consultant that if I continued to run test or ran a PCT that I would risk serious side effects such as blood clots due to the condition I was in and medication. I was planning to bridge with a low dose of testosterone but again was warned against it.

    Thanks :) I had bloods taken on Thursday, awaiting the results now. It was a full male hormone panel, apparently. Once they come through I will post them on here and update you guys!

    Really appreciate the help from you all.
  18. Joe122345

    Joe122345 Junior Member

    BLOOD RESULTS are back! :D

    Can someone take a look at these please? How is the testosterone looking for a 24 your old guy?

    The lab said that the bloods detected serious out of range thyroid values and that I should see an endocrinologist in regards to this.

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  19. Gbro

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    That's called saying "fuck PCT "

    "I don't like the side effects of PCT."

    How are you liking the aide effects of no PCT? Don't be another stupid kid. Thirty-six weeks was about as dumb ass it gets. No PCT was even dumber.
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  20. Gbro

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    Your T is fine. Your free T is pretty low. Probably related to that sky high prolactin. You need to see an endocrinologist.

    Your thyroid looks fucked.