Can you use a vpn/tor without ISP knowing?

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    How can one go about using a vpn/tor without ISP knowing and raising red flags?
  2. When you use a vpn your isp won’t know where you are going, what you’re downloading, who you are etc, all they can see is the ip of vpn server you’re connected to. Just make sure you use a good service, most importantly one that does not keep any logs otherwise they can turn around and sell your info whomever. I have no personal experience with tor but you should only use if you have a vpn or proxy set up.

    Not sure if that helped but people use vpns all the time for legitimate purposes. I don’t want my isp to sell you internet habits to anyone, or leave myself exposed. Using the internet is like when you bang a hooker, you don’t bareback her vag or ass, her mouth is ok to bb tho lol
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    i think running a vpn/tor while browsing the forum, sending emails,or looking up tracking numbers is what everyone should do but I recently read something about checking tracking numbers while using tor and how it throws a big red flag and draws more attention basically defeating the anonymity of using it in the first place. Same with your isp, it would draw more attention to you defeating the purpose of using it. Wether this is true or something to be worried about, I’m not sure. Just looking for some input from people who are more tech savvy than myself.

    How do you feel about TAILS. Is it worth using in conjunction with tor and a vpn? I’ve also seen online that when you use these you’re supposedly put up higher on the list of the NSA because they know when you’re using them.
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  4. When you say using tor + vpn with or without TAILS raises suspicion at the post office leading to more likely for it to be seized? I doubt that. The govt might be more suspicious tho. TAILs seems like something necessary for people that are committing higher level crimes, drug dealers and higher. I think for the purposes of browsing the forums, maybe making a small purchase occasionally, a good vpn (no logs, load balanced etc) is enough.
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    Even a simple proxy can prevent the ISP from knowing what you're surfing (but you can't hide from NSA)

    A prepaid burner phone usually gives better privacy than VPNs, as long as you don't use it for anything that has to do with you / your name / your address / your job.

    I read that catholic priests have their burner phones solely for browsing porn.
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    TAILS is great for when you want NOTHING being recorded on your computer's hard drive while making transactions with a source for example, with VPN + Tor. IF LE were to search your computer after you used a TAILS live USB they will find nothing as nothing was ever written to disk and once you reboot or shut down the session metadata is lost. If you want to use TAILS best to use an old computer and not on your home network. I used TAILS with success in hotels.
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    ^^Safer hosted in China than in the US.
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    If it's hosted in the US, it's not safe whatsoever!
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  10. I would imagine it wouldn’t be as big of an issue if they didn’t keep logs, regardless it would be better if they were located elsewhere. Use NordVPN, they have servers in the US and all over the world but they’re based in Panama and don’t keep logs.
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    Isp can also see the amount of data as in mb or gb on that vpn tunnel just cant see what is actually happening as in downloads, websites etc....

    How i a Ex 10 year at&t employee. Just be wary, if your doing torrent files, some vpns dont support that and will and can sell your information.

    Keep in mind the vpn servicer can still see you. Some of them sell your info to marketers and advertisers to pay for the vpn service, this is why some vpn servicors keep your logs.... i would go with a higher end vpn provider where it explicitly states that your privacy is legit..

    Just my 2 cents from experience. Do your homework as with everything nowadays