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    Pareto Pharmaceuticals



    This is a continuation of the previous Pareto Thread. You will find we have been on MESO RX for over two years. What a ride it has been! Thank you for the continued support, MESO.

    Canadian Domestic: Pareto Pharmaceuticals

    Years in business: 5

    We have been large scale operational since 2013, and online since 2014. We have seen enourmous growth in many markets, and I extremely proud to stand behind Pareto.

    Contact Information:
    Minimum order is 3 items.


    Please note the updated design below.



    We are proud to be the main distributor of JEOTROP hGH

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    I can take some of those kits of your hands for xmas brother
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    Some testing and feedback on our products:

    Here are some of the results of recent GC testing done on our API's.

    This is testosterone Cypionate, and the results indicate 98% purity. A great result! Feel free to PM for more info regarding these tests.

    Trenbolone Enanthate: 98%
    Another great result.


    From another forum, a female user of anavar.
    ORG;698426 said:
    I just wanted to start this thread, because women don't often discuss their experiences with steroids.
    Also I am looking for some female advise.

    I have started an Anavar cycle at 2.5 mg twice a day(BID) for 2 days and am now on 5mg BID (its been about 4 days).
    My goal is to gain some lean muscle mass, nothing too extreme, and i will probably stay at 5mg BID for 6 weeks.
    I was quite nervous/paranoid about taking steroids because of the possible virilization effects. To put my mind at ease I ordered a anavar/winstrol testing kit from LabMax.
    The var was from Pareto Pharma and tested positive for var (i have attached some photos).

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    Some reviews from previous thread:

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    10% for all MONEYGRAM orders
    15% for all BITCOIN orders

    This can be stacked with any other deals.
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    Hey Pareto, i can't seem to find out if Canadian domestic means you only ship within Canada and not the states? And to be clear western union yields a 10% discount, bitcoin 15%, but no discount for cash? Seeing as this is your preferred method shouldn't that have the greatest discount?
  7. RikudoCan

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    They ship Canada only. They offer a discount because cdn $ < usd, therefore we're paying more to use these methods.
  8. ParetoPharma

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    Hey there,

    Canada only sir. Sorry about that!

    I would prefer all payment in BTC! But, I also offer MG, and CIM. I do not use Western Union.

    I have found Western Union to flag transactions more often than MG, I'm sure many users can agree that WU has become harder these days. Thus, I will not use their service.
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    That's disappointing but i understand, and that's a shit load of growth haha i want some!
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    Bitcoin is boss these days. Getting easier to get and faster with no bullshit of MG and WU. Im trying to go that route mostly myself. BTC is also good for other things too. More stores are starting to incorporate it into transactions across the globe
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    I still prefer CIM for domestic, the process goes very smooth.
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    Would you recommend any specific site to buy BTC?

    I wanted to go that way but I'm concerned about internet scams and fake web sites



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  13. Apexvallen

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    Yeah me too. I do like CIM. No weird paper trail with my bank.
  14. onamission

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    It's possible to do BTC with the same amount of bank activity as CIM.
  15. Apexvallen

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    How do you get BTC into your bitcoin wallet witohut using a credit card or debit card though?
  16. Dutchie

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    Don't quote me but I believe you can find btc atms that you can put cash into like a vending machine and then transfer it to your e wallet via a QR code or something similar.
  17. Cownan

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    So there are a couple ways. i know there are bitcoin machines around canada where you can go and put money in and it spits a wallet address with whatever btc you bought on it out. No ID, CC or debit needed. Just cash

    Then there are a couple btc banks around canada as well. Youll just have to google them to see where the closest one is

    Finally you can always buy third party btc from people. Just make sure its legit as this way is a little dicey when buying.

    Im lucky. I got a btc machine 1 block from me. It takes up to 3000$ with no id or anything needed and spits it out onto a paper wallet address for me. 100% anonymous
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    Woah..... that is freakin awesome.
  19. WCL

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    This is the best way to buy BTC. Even for investment purposes, it's so easy. No BS or waiting to get your funds verified, etc.
  20. Dutchie

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    How are the rates though? And when using btc for gear who determines the conversation rate?? Or is it just whatever google says is the current rate?