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    Shipping: $20, free for $1500+ Orders
    Payment: Cash in Mail, Western Union
    Minimum Order: $0

    *Please see bottom of price list for more detailed information*

    Pareto Pharmaceuticals,

    Pareto Pharma Discounts:
    - 10 vials/bottles+, Take $5 off per each
    - 20 vials/bottles+, Take $10 off per each

    Injectables [10 mL multidose vial]

    testosterone Enanthate (250 mg/mL) - $50

    Testosterone Cypionate (250 mg/mL) - $50

    Testosterone Propionate (100mg/mL) - $40

    Testosterone 400 (400mg/mL) - $65

    Sustanon (250mg/mL) -$55

    deca durabolin (300mg/mL) - $65

    Nandrolone Phenylpropionate (NPP) (100mg/ml) - $45

    equipoise (300 mg/mL) - $60

    masteron Propionate (150mg/mL) - $65

    Masteron Enanthate (200mg/mL) - $80

    Primobolan (100mg/mL) - $80

    trenbolone acetate (100mg/mL) - $60

    Trenbolone Enanthate (200mg/mL) - $80

    Oral Anabolics [100 tablets/ Bottle]

    Anadrol (25mg/tab) - $75

    Anavar (10mg/tab) - $75

    D Bol (10mg/tab) - $60

    Superdrol (10mg/tab) - $75

    T Bol (10mg/tab) - $70

    Winstrol (10mg/tab) - $60

    Proviron (25mg/tab) [*50 Tablets*] - $75

    Oral Ancillaries

    arimidex (1mg/tab) [50 tablets] - $50

    aromasin (12.5mg/tab) [50 tablets] - $55

    clomid (25mg/tab) [100 tablets] - $50

    letrozole (1.25mg/tab) [100 tablets] - $50

    nolvadex (20mg/tab) [ 50 tablets] - $50

    Pramipexole (0.5mg/tab) [50 tablets] - $50

    Sexual Aids

    cialis (20mg/tab) [50 tablets] - $50

    viagra (25mg/tab) [ 100 tablets]- $50

    Weight Loss Aids

    clenbuterol (50mcg/tab) [100 tablets] - $80

    t3 (25mcg/tab) [100 tablets] - $60

    CYX-3 (Slimming Blend - 5.4mg Yohimbine, 37.5mcg Clenbuterol, 25mcg Liothyronine Sodium)/tab 100tabs) - $80

    peptides / HGH

    Norvotrop HGH – 10iu x 10 vials [100iu] - $430/ kit

    Norvo hcg – 5000iu / vial = $75


    Bacteriostatic Water – 10 mL - $5


    * Shipping is standard $20, free on orders above $1,500. * Cash by mail is the preferred method of payment. However, Western Union will be accepted for small(er) payments should that be more suitable for your needs.

    * Packages will be shipped via CanadaPost within 2 business days of receiving funds; A tracking number will be provided upon sending. Courier companies such as Purolator, DHL, etc., cannot be used for outgoing mail.

    * A fictitious return address is used when sending packages; Packages cannot be returned to sender.

    A 50% re-send policy will be implemented if CanadaPost loses the order.
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    Production Process, ETC.



    -Vials and stoppers are rinsed in water, and then bathed in methanol, before being baked (Vials are heated to 250*, Stoppers 180*) to dry and sterilize.

    -Beakers, stir rods are washed and dried with the same method

    -Tubing for sterile oil dispensing is washed with methanol and dried at 170*, then vacuum sealed until next use.


    Medical scrubs are worn, along with a facial mask and disposable gloves (which are frequently changed due to the nature of handling different items throughout the brewing process).


    After a cleaning of the entire production area with methanol cleaner, vials/media bottles are sterilized and placed to heat dry. While they bake, the injectables are prepared with care to ensure sterility. Once the hormone is dissolved throughly, it is run through a .22um filter into a sterile glass media bottle. Sterile tubing is fed into the filtered solution, and connected to a peristaltic pump that very accurately fills vials. This process is very efficient, so there is minimal exposure to air. After filling, stoppers/tops are applied and then crimped, labeled, and sent to storage.


    Sterilization/ Hygiene:

    While the requirements for oral products require less stringent environments in regards to sterility, all tablets are mixed and produced with machinery that complies with GMP standards. Face masks are worn, as are gloves.


    -Tablet binders, excipients, dyes, and API's are measured, sifted, and then placed into a pharmaceutical mixer to ensure consistent product dosing.

    -Once mixed, tablet mix is fed into a tablet press, producing tablets.

    -Tablets are counted automatically, then dispensed into HDPE pill bottles, sealed with a shrink band, labeled and sent to storage.


    As mass spec is hard to have done in Canada, all raw hormones are tested using a melt test on a precise hot plate. I do not have great confidence in labmax test kits, and as such they are not used. All compounds have passed the melt test within the acceptable bounds. We are looking into mass spec, and will have this done when it is available.

    References: I am currently not sourcing on any other boards at this given moment.
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    Pareto Tablets
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    how long has this lab been running?
  5. redrum720

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    Pics of your brewing autoclave do you have other handlers are you sourcing somewhere else
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    Why are you not on any of the Canadian boards? Im a vet on many of them and this seems a little strange.

    Product presentation looks good.
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    Thank you for the questions.

    We do not use an autoclave, rather a large digital oven- it is all that is needed. I am very hesitant to post photos of any of the set up, not because the methods described are untrue, but because it allows competition to learn very easily from Pareto's methods. I can tell you that NO ONE gave us a shred of advice or assistance, and it took a lot of time and money to get things running the way they are. Feel free to PM me and I will explain in as much detail as I am comfortable disclosing. Please take this the way it is intended, I understand posting photos is the norm.

    I am not openly sourcing on other boards- this will change in the future.

    Thank you. I see you on CJM, CM, etc, nice to meet you.

    I am trying to get on with CJM and/or IL, but was told by (CJM) staff after the BT fiasco they are very cautious of who they deal with. Pareto has been exclusively through word of mouth before, and this is our first expansion online. With that being said, our online presence is minimal, and board owners want to see more references before I get the go ahead. It's understandable, although frustrating at times.

    I can explain in more detail through PM to you if you wish, I have been quite involved in the Canadian scene for a while.

    We have been large scale operational since March 2013.
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    Thank you for the reply. Welcome to the scene. Looking forward to seeing you on the Canadian boards as well. BT really stirred the pot recently on a few forums. Ill be sure to pm you.
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    Just placed an order with Pareto the other day. Timely responses and answered any questions i had. Pack sent out this morning and will post again once its here
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    So your a member since today and no intro but you just happened to come to this forum over see all other sources and picked the newest one wait you said the other day so either u or Pareto are lying cause he said he's not on any other boards smell like troll to me
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    This thread will get hammered once everyone decides to join Every person who has responded except redrum720 has just become members recently. I will add this...please post pics of equipment used to manufacture your products. Please use date & time with your lab name in photo.

    Products packaging looks nice bottles, vials, and labels....for what it's worth.
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    Can you explain the 50% re-send policy. It seems to me that if the postal service loses the package, it's the sources responsibility to resend pack or refund $. Are you implying the customer pay 1 1/2 times or lost packs.

    Are you positive packs will be sent will be sent 2 days after funds are received? This is a guarantee? What happens when you can't honor your statement. If you become a source, you will be held to that statement.

    If your workers are using the sanitary precaution, please post pics at least of someone in suit, hoods, and mask.

    Lastly for now, why on earth would I want to send cash in the mail.

    I think that it for now
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    I'm telling you @mghoward74 this shit smells funny everyone just joined and already they bought before but he's only on this forum but state been in business for a while
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    ^^^^I saw that^^^^
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  15. You state above that "We have been large scale operational since March 2013." Have you or any of your customers ever run bloodwork on your products?

    I am leary of a product when the purity has not been verified.
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    Thank you for the questions, they are answered below.

    I am always eager to hear of blood work results, but I do not doubt the product at all. That being said, many results come back with a test range of above 1500. In reality, a 250mg/wk dose can give this result- it is entirely dependent on the person.

    Here is an example of a exchange a while ago between a client and I, asking about his blood work. While I hear of it getting done, I rarely get to see actual results. This is also due to reselling- I often don't know where Pareto's products end up, we just push them out the door.


    This client emailed me 2 days ago, and the order was sent out today. I asked him to provide feedback on turnaround- I did not know he was not a member yet. That is why he joined right away to post. He had previously seen Pareto reviews on a private forum called, where a Pareto rep frequents. There has been zero open sourcing to date of Pareto, until now.

    Thank you for the questions. Looking at some of the other "suppliers", this forum seems like the wild west. I am glad to work with everyone, and after time goes by I believe that Pareto will become a trusted source.
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    Well buddy ride the storm and wait for Ogh labmax
  18. Walker

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    interested to see what the feedback is .....ill be watching this unfold
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    Question. So your Ancillaries/Sexual Aids/Weight Loss are branded by your official line Pareto?
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    The Weight loss products are made by Northern Pharmaceuticals, everything else mentioned is Pareto.

    Due to the precise dosage requirements for these items (in the micrograms), proper dosing requires a process known as granulation. You can research this, but basically it is a very expensive investment for a few products. In the future we will be carrying liquid (Pareto) clenbuterol and t3, as well as keeping the Northern line up of tablets.

    hcg/ HGH is also not Pareto branded.
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