Canelo Tests Positive For Clenbuterol

Discussion in 'Sports' started by AnTabolic73, Mar 5, 2018.

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    Canelo Alvarez tests positive for clenbuterol

    I know clen is technically horse asthma meds. Does anyone buy the cow meat excuse? I may change my prediction to ggg, not because Canelo might be cheating, but now that he's caught maybe he changes his regimen up doesn't take what he normally takes and has gotten away with. I dunno.

    I've just come to the conclusion that all pros take something. Some just don't get caught.
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    I've been wanting to use this gif. And since Canelo is Mexican, and so are Chihuahuas ... wW95fEq09hOI8.gif
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    That is all there is to it.
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    It’s like watching bigger, faster, opened my eyes that everyone is on gear so I jumped on board too :D
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