Cannot find the "sweet spot" of AI.

Discussion in 'Steroid Forum' started by jumpyfrog, May 16, 2018.

  1. jumpyfrog

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    My cycle:
    10 weeks @ 650 mg Test 400 Sis lab per week - 50mg Anavar ED - hcg 500iu per week in 2 injections
    My stats:
    181 cm - 90 kg - 32yo - Naturally low body fat

    So I am not fully enjoying my cycle: the second week I started to feel extremely anxious and I found out that my symptoms were related to low oestrogen. (Anxiety and panic, low sex drive, night sweats, cracking joints but no painful)

    So I discontinued my dose of aromasin (12.5mg EOD) and Carbinol and I felt better after one week . (Actually I felt amazing!! Lifting more, eating more and fuc...g like a rabbit - gained 10kilos in 2 weeks).

    Then I started again to take Aromasin with half dose (6.2mg EOD).

    By doing so I crushed again my oestrogen! With such a low dose!

    Do you think I could just remove Aromasin from my cycle?? I cannot find the "sweet spot"...
  2. AlwaysHungry

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    It’s not necessary to use an ai if you don’t need it
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  3. jumpyfrog

    jumpyfrog Junior Member

    Thanks bro,

    I will definitely forget that stupid aromasin and try to man up...

    I feel amazing when I do not take it!
  4. VasodiL8

    VasodiL8 Member

    Take ai when your notice estro sides
  5. jumpyfrog

    jumpyfrog Junior Member

    Ok, thanks.

    What should I look for, apart itchy/sensible nipples?
  6. SuperSwede

    SuperSwede Member

    Red and/or bloated face
  7. ironwill1951

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    you need to do bloods estrogen levels don't always have sides.
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  8. Are you sure it's actually aromasin? UGL or pharma?
  9. bubblebuddy

    bubblebuddy Member

    interesting... I crashed my e on my first cycle. was taking pharma exemestane at 12.5 eod. there are those that claim this is not possible but I did it brother.....
  10. On 900 mg test I take .25 arimidex eod if that. Imho it’s time to take some ai when your face looks like the pillsberry dough boy (my water likes to sit under my chin), too easy to cum, nips get a little touchy feely itchy etc boom .25 adex goes away. Always start as low as possible. Ai are no joke and can fuck you hard if you over compensate.. gl brother
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  11. TideGear

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    High estrogen makes it too easy to come? What might make it hard to bust one? Me and a buddy were having this discussion the other day. Thoughts?
  12. ;)
    Anytime I’m having the usual estro sides I mentioned above, it seems that as soon as my dick lands in the pussy it’s ready to nut and I have to think about heavy ass squats as I go lol. Idk why heavy ass squats but I pretend I’m in the rack real deep like haha o_O Now as far as taking forever to bust a nut only npp did that to me and sort of screwed with my dick so yeah no more of that shit :cool: I believe prolactin buildup can cause insensitivity. I don’t get that with tren though complete opposite. AAS can be weird and tricky.. edit: when my estro is in good balance orgasms are extremely easy to control.
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  13. bubblebuddy

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    my understanding is test converts to dht which is what gives us a hard on and such. nandrolone converts to dhn which is weaker than dht and for most guys, can't quite do the job which results in deca dick. that's why they say to run your test higher than your deca. the test then converts to the dht you need to get your dick hard. there are schools of thought advocating for low test high deca or even deca only cycles. it's all very interesting but I think test is necessary to ensure proper dick function.
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  14. bubblebuddy

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    that is to say a lack of dht can cause softies and a lack of sensitivity.
  15. Oldschool

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    Changes/lack of morning wood
    Crying while watching Thelma and Louise
    Sock lines on your ankles

    or you could be sure and get blood work like @ironwill1951 suggested.
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  16. jumpyfrog

    jumpyfrog Junior Member

    Pharma Aromasin made in UK
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