Can't cycle anymore and throwing it all away seems wrong

Discussion in 'Steroid Underground' started by DedLift, May 5, 2018.

  1. DedLift

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    I understand this could be considered unethical by some members here but my wife (nurse) absolutely refuses to allow me to ever get back on the rollercoaster and I honestly don't want to anyway. I don't handle recovery very well and I have a box of stuff that is all by proven respected ugls. PC Deca 300_3, sust 300-3, prop 2, potg mast 4 and test cyp 5, pharmacist clomid, and more. 24k prop, EQ, PC EQ, basically just a bunch of EQ and that's off the top of my head. Thanks for your time and go get those gainz mezo bros
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  2. Made in USA

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    I feel you the roller coaster is definitely a tough ride at times . If you and the wife are happy and have a solid relationship the answer is easy . I enjoy being on cycle . Coming off sucks for sure . But at the end of the day family is first . Good luck my brotha .
  3. MindlessWork

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    Good choice for putting family (and marriage) first and I am sure you'll do quite well natty. Keep training and diet on point and you should do very well.
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  4. TRT

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    I'd just settle for a little GH and be happy with that.
  5. Sk8man101

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    Good luck man! I’m sure someone will take all that shit off your hands haha.

    You still gunna stick around meso?
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  6. dnoyez

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    Good luck.
  7. Alot of guys in your position would just lie to their wives and run gear behind their backs, so kudos for not being "that guy".

    i'm sure someone will take you up on your offer. Just be choosy who you deal with. Best of luck in the future, brother.
  8. Dr JIM

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    Many are surprised at the amount of “extra” money left in their bank account once the anabolic foray is
    no more.

    Good luck
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  9. Morefyah

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    Meh, fuck that noise! You need to make her sign a contract. Two blowjobs everyday NO excuses and she has to give up the but hole whenever she’s on her period. Oh and maybe a set of new golf clubs. o_O
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  10. Sparkyp

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    Family first!
  11. Dohn joe

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    Yes i agree, family and health first. Co grats for being able to make that choice.

    With that said...I hope someone here is local to him. Could be a pretty decent score for someone.
  12. Marcus

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    Good for you with putting your family and health first.

    That being said, just toss that shit. Not worth possibly getting tied up with LE auto make a buck or even help someone out. Just get rid of it and be done
  13. tenpoundsleft

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    You probably have at least one close friend who is also doing AAS - early Christmas presents for him.

    Good luck
  14. TRT

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    If you have someone who's will take it for cheap cheap then sell it. Even $15 a vial. It's better then trashing it.
    Congratulations though. Proud of you, Mesocinion brother.
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  15. Morefyah

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    Hey @DedLift , I hope you know I was just playing. Props for having the will power to call it quits. Just curious how old you are and how many cycles you’ve ran?
  16. Brolloks

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    I'll take it off your hands for $50 bro.
  17. TRT

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    A lot of gear for $50 ..
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  18. Brolloks

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    True. He should probably pay me $100. At least.
  19. Seve

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    What about Richie and compromise it at least trt? The roller coaster ride is over then.
  20. Seve

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    I apologize for speech to text but I meant to say compromise