can't view test results from privatemdlabs

Discussion in 'Steroid Lab Testing' started by SteroidsBro, Aug 17, 2018.

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    On Android it says cannot view php file' even with Adobe acrobat reader. I searched and they say it's because it's encrypted. Wtf? Anyone know what to do?
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    log in on a computer and download your results pdf.
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    I use a computer to download the pdf from PML.
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    Lol, haven’t you been on blast for over a year?
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    ay at 5:19 PM#28
    Compounds that don't aromatize are slightly suppressive or not suppressive at all?

    “The steroids are eating away at your brain
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    I got it to work by emailing it to myself from my old phone and opening it from my new phone. It wouldn't work emailing it to myself with my new phone and opening it with my new phone. Weird. No I haven't been on a blast for over a year or anything near a year, ever. GDIAGF.