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    In 2006/2007 I took two years off my job to daycare, loved it, killed it, and then the 08 crash happened. That was my cue to exit, although I missed the biggest market comeback in history, just didn't have the time or play money to bother with it.

    I had spent two years learning, and studying trend analysis, paper trading... Then I jumped in.

    As soon as that next crash happens, I'll be back in shorting the crash and playing the rebound.

    And it's coming... The Canadian housing bubble is way bigger than the u.s was when it popped and started the ball rolling... It's only a matter of time.
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    I remember living in Vancouver 6-7 years ago and wanting to enter the real estate market and all the bears were telling me not to do it because prices were just insane and that it was going to correct itself, just wait, guys like Granth Turner proclaimed every month, it's going to crater anytime now.

    Well just like you missed making money off the cras in the states, we missed the greatest wealth accumulation in real estate in my life time and I regret not entering the market everyday. Now I'm priced out.

    They just announced that they are bailing out the largest non bank mortgage lender with the Ontario Health Workers pension fund.

    Looks like the crash has been kicked down the road even further. at this rate a crash is years away or might never even happen due to government intervention no matter the cost.

    I wouldn't be sitting around waiting, it's been 7 years now that I've been hoping for a correction and there's still nothing coming anytime soon as far as I can tell. Things are so manipulated and corrupt, that while logically, housing should have crashed it's still pumping along with a 33% rise in Toronto housing last year alone.

    Dont sit around waiting like my wife and I did. I think theres still plenty of money made on the up swing and a correftion will be minimal while every measure will go into cushioning the fall.

    For the record, could you please explain how you're going to short the housing market in places like Vancouver? I know here in Ontario you can short institutions like lenders but Vancouver is a different beast being held afloat with criminal Chinese funds. Same thing is happening in Ontario but at a lower rate....for now.

    Just my 2 cents. Take it for what it's worth. Good luck.
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    if anyone has anything to add to the news that came out over the last few days I'd be really interested to hear their take on it.
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    You'd like the movie, the big short.