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    anybody capping their own supps, im looking to get into capping and will start with supps before i cap any AAS raws. I think it will be good”and safe” practice before i cap anything potent. Im looking to cap cissus and maby American gensing and am wondering if anybody has a good bulk supp powder source, not asking for a raw AAS source, just supplements for now. Thanks. Bob
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    I just got some curcumin in bulk powder. Figured I can just throw a spoonful into shakes or whatever.

    My wife wanted some so i capped about 48 for her. Size 00 caps. I estimate it at about 250mg curcumin each.

    That orange, clumpy powder was so horrible to work with. It cakes up it was difficult to tamp it down. Made my life a living hell.

    I'd pay just for the convenience of it being capped already.

    Now if you're gonna take the powders and just spoon them, or mix them into shakes or whatever. Yea, id recommend that. You save money, and you save time.

    Capping sucks. Especially when it's not awesome stuff like aas.
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    I did that for my wife too, also added some black pepper for absorption. The other thing about the turmeric is it stains the shit out of EVERYTHING.

    For aas I think a liquid suspension is the way to go...
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