Capt Forest 12 week Contest Quest *Swole Oil, PSL, World Pharma, RC* Test, Tren,Dbol,Var,Mast

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    Getting ripped thats the name of the game. Its been 3 months since my last cycle ended (previous cycle log) You can find quality info about me in the op of that log.

    So i am back at it once again getting ready for another school show at the end of March. This is my Journey welcome along.

    Cycle History
    6 weeks on epistane
    10 week test and var

    Height - 5'8"
    Weight - 190lbs
    bf% - 10+ish

    Bicep left
    Flexed - 14.75
    Unflexed - 13.7
    Bicep right
    Flexed - 15.125
    Unflexed - 13.625
    Neck - 14.625
    Chest - 39.38
    Unflex - 35
    Flexed -33.125
    Hips - 40
    Righ Thigh -23
    Left Thigh - 22.75
    Right Calf - 16.125
    Left Calf - 15.75

    Max Lifts
    Deadlift - 405lb
    Squat - 365lb
    Bench - 300lb

    1 - 12 Test E - 600mg e/w Swole Oil
    1 - 12 tren E - 400 - 500mg Swole Oil/ RC labs
    1 - 4 Test P - 100mg eod World Pharma
    1 - 4 Dbol - 40mg ed Purity Source Labs
    4 - 12 Anavar - 50mg ed Swole Oil, Legend, Purity Source Labs, RC Labs?*
    6 - 12 masteron P - 525mg e/w No source yet looking into Swole Oil
    12 - 15 Test P - 100mg eod World Pharma
    12 - 15 Oral possibly designer steroid
    1 - pct Aromisin - 25mg eod MJR*
    1 - pct Caber - .75mg e3d MJR*

    Fat Burner
    6 - 12 t3/T4 Combo - Taper up to 50/150 ed MJR*

    clomid 100/50/50/25 MJR or Legend*
    Steel Libido
    Other generic test booster

    *I have MS connections and refrence standards from Sigma Alderich for each of the noted compounds and adex at a trusted lab. I will use what ever compound tests out purest. (if interested in this pm me try to keep it out of the log)

    Support supplements
    Milk Thistle extract
    Hawthorn Berries
    Red Yeast Rice
    Saw Palmetto Extract
    Vit B Complex
    Vit C
    Vit D
    Calcium, Magnesium, Zinc
    Krill Oil
    Liv 52
    Some pre workout

    Diet: I am still working on how to properly break down my diet for the prep. 225 - 250g protein and i am stumped on the rest. I want to keep carbs low max 150 ideally 100g each day. Fats anywhere from 60 - 100g. Still researching and gathering knowledge. All food will be preped. Chicken breast, 93/7 lean ground beef, eggs, and ON protine isolate as my protein sources. Oats, sweet potato, brown rice and quinoa as carbs. Fats are the egg yolks, olive oil and possibly 1 table spoon almond butter. My Cheat day will be friday when i train legs i will have all day to eat what i want with in reason i will cut this down to one meal only after 4 weeks. I also give my self one cheat meal on tuesday this will be gone as the show moves closer. Any advice welcome!

    I am on a 6 day split with cardio 7 days a week starting at week eight.
    Sunday - Arms/Chest & Cardio 60min
    Monday - Abs/Back & Cardio 60min
    Tuesday - Off & Cardio 60min
    Wedensday - Chest/Biceps & Cardio 60min
    Thursday - Back/Triceps & Cardio 60min
    Friday - Legs & Cardio 60min
    Saturday - Shoulders/Abs & Cardio 60min
    Cardio will consist of Swimming or stair master

    What you can expect from this log will be quality and detailed reviews daily of how i am experiencing each compound. The injections the cardo the training will all be logged about each day. You can also expect lab reports such as blood work and chromatographs with detalied analysis from an experienced professional. I will do my best to provide a High level log to help myself and thoes who engage in reading.

    My Goal is to make it to 5% bodyfat and look better then i ever have.
    I uploaded some pics from my last cycle and show. I will add a current one soon.

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    Good luck, I'll be checking out this log as well.
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    Good luck man maybe you should checknon ebay for a new kidney and liver as well.
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    Thanks, i hope that i dont get snipped on the auction at the last second.

    Seriously though i will be monitoring my liver values. I train with my physicians assistint once a week he will be monitoring my bloods.
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    I dont have advice for running that much so you got humor instead
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    Subbed, I loved your last log man, super detailed. And you definitely keep it up-to-date :)

    My 1 piece of advice is to up protein for sure and consider upping your total fat content. If you plan on keeping carbs low then your energy to come from some where and while not as readily efficient, fats can be of much greater total benefit IMHO. This is at least what I've found works for me. I have a different body time than you though and everyone is different.

    Lookin forward to this capt!
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    I would have to agree with @Marcus advice about up the fat. I've always found that I can maintain the same level of intensity at the gym doing this on low to no carbs.
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    Day 1

    First injection was Jan 4th
    this was because i was out of my home till then. I planned to start on the second. My first shot was 1ml test e, one ml tren e, one ml test prop. I pinned my right glute. It was a smooth shot a good first pin back.

    The pip lasted 3 days and was horrid. I think the rc labs oils are painful i felt that same sorness from the rc labs tren a. Now its the tren e. I looked at there fourm and many have complained about this. I think they switched to eo. If this shit continues i might just get all my tren e from swoile oil.

    I trained Chest and biceps. Along with 15 min on the elipitical.

    Day 2

    No injection today. The pip was brutal, getting in and out of the car was a complete bitch.

    I trained abs for 9 sets and back for six sets. I felt a nice little pump in my back from only six sets might be the dbol. On day one i doubt it but possibly.

    Day 3
    Injected one ml of world pharma test prop it was a good pin and the pip was not at all bad. I also heated the vial in some warm running water. that might have helped.

    Today should have been my off day but i woke up at 4:30am to train with my physicians assistant. We did 15 min of treadmill 4 sets of squat thrusts, 4 sets of upright row, and a giant set of rear delt flys, lateral raises, and front raises. Then finished off with some cable "lawn mowers" as he calls it.

    Day 4
    I injected 1 ml of each test e, test p, and tren e. It was a pain in the ass. I used my left glute to push the 3mls into cause it felt more healed up then the right one did. I hit nerve 2 times then on the third stick it went in nice. The oil was slow to push. I expect horrid pip tomorrow but we will see. I should not have pinned the prop today but i was not thinking as i pulled the oil. I am taking exemastane one 25mg eod from purity soluitions.

    Today was day one of my 6 day split. I trained

    45 min tire flips with jumps in between each flip to keep the heart rate up.


    Incline chest press
    15 x 155lb x 3
    20 x 135 (half reps for blood pump)
    18 x 135 (half reps for blood pump)
    25 x 105 (half reps for blood pump)
    16 x 95 (half reps for blood pump)

    Incline db press
    15 x 60lb (each hand)
    12 x 60
    10 x 55 drop set 5 x 40

    Cable crossovers
    3 x 15 x 17.5lb (each cable)

    Standing db curls
    2x 15 x 25lb
    2x 15 x 25lb (one arm hits 5 reps while the other is contracted then switch)

    It was a good work out, I wanted to add more chest like flys but i was straped for time. The pump was nice. I cant really feel the drugs yet. Although i did have a though cross my mind that had me hit the steering wheel of my car. I have not done that in a long time. Probably nothing.

    I have been on 40mg purity source labs dbol since the 4th i am not sure its making a difference yet. First run with dbol so i dont know what to expect.

    From today out each day will have at least one detialed post on what happened. I just wanted to catch up the log with my late start.
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    Something I've wondered since I haven't competed but hope to one day, when is the show in relation to your cycle?
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    Day 80 of 84 i believe. Then after i complete the 84 days i will do some short esters for the cool down towards pct for 2 weeks or so.
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    Forest, I reme your last show was for your school I think. You planning or wanting to compete professionally one day? Or just kepp it a hobby?
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    Yeah it was. For now its just a hobbie, although who knows what the future holds. I would need an extensive sit down to move on to the higher levels. I still have not gotten a contest week plan down pat. i am still unsure how to diet while on aas. I know the ins and outs of dieting as a natural but the hormones change everything.
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    Day 5

    Today i did not have to inject, the pip in my left glute that i was expecting to experience is not horrid like i though its actaully not bad. I Today i took 50mg dbol and for the first time i could feel that pump. It was mild but not normal. I have been taking caber but the half life is so long that it has not started combating the tren dick sides. I had to fuck for ever to get a nut last night. I just like to get it and get to sleep but dont we all lol.

    My chest workout from yesterday sucked ass. I had almost zero soreness in my pecs. I have to step that shit up its unexceptable. I am however sore in my fore arms calves and lower back from the tire flips. That stuff will do a number on the body. I will be doing thoes again for sure.

    Today I trained back and tricpes

    elliptical 15 min

    Pull ups Wide grip then finished with assist
    6 x bw & 9 x 70lb assist
    4x bw & 11 x 70 assist
    4x bw & 11 x 70 assist

    Bent over row
    15x 95lb
    15x 115
    15x 135
    14x 155
    25x 95 (blood pump)

    Seated row
    2x 15x 100lb one arm stayed contracted while the other did 5 reps then switch till 15
    15x 85lb (same as above)

    Machine lat pulldowns
    15x 100lb
    2x 15x 110

    Hanging cleans
    2x 10x 95lb this was hard as hell
    10x 95

    Triep pull down w/rope
    4x 25x drop set from 37lb

    I liked the pump i felt from todays workout. My triceps were dead. I was surprised how little i was able to move. They might have been hit hard from chest. I am going to be looking for a creatine free pre work cause i am having a hard time keeping the intensity up on few carbs later in the day. Also the pre work out will suppress the hunger pangs.

    I did some food prep today also. Got a couple pounds of chicken grilled up along with rice and broccoli. Nice day off from work to cook up some food.

    I will get some pics taken and posted this weekend for you guys.
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    Day 6

    I took one ml wp test prop. I warmed the oil and shot it in my left delt it was a breeze. After the shot my girl massaged it in. We will see how much the warmer oil and the massage help reduce pip. Speaking of pip i cant take this RC tren e 5 days ago i pinned my right glute and i still have soreness. My left glute is worce today then yesterday and just a real pain in the ass. I am going to message the lab and see if maybe he will cut me a deal on some of the new tren e rc is selling with eo.

    My work out today was trash. I trainned and i say that lightly legs.

    Leg Ext
    3x 15x 25lb pause at the top slow down for the burn

    I did some smith machine squats with my legs way out super set with back leg elevated lounges. For 3 sets. the weight was 95, 95, and 115lbs respectivly.

    Close feet leg press
    25x 290lb
    20x 340
    20x 430

    Hamstring curls
    3x 15x 100lb

    Then i left I work a pair of shorts that were too short and it fucked up my ball sac. that combined with the pip in my ass cheeks and i just could not mentally overcome it. Overall it was ass. Good to get this kinda trainning out of my system in the beginning of the cycle. Also did some real light cardio on the bike for like 13 min. and had a cheat day on my diet.
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    Day 7

    No injction today, the pip from the delt shot is gone. That oil is good stuff i assume the heat and the massage helped relive the pip.

    Today I trained shoulders and a few sets of abs.


    Milatary press
    2x 15 reps with bar for warm up
    15x 95lb
    10x 95
    8x 95
    12x 95

    Cable Laterial raises
    3x 15x 10lb

    Front raises
    3x 15x 30lb

    Rear delt fly
    3x 15x 10lb (each hand)

    ab chair crunches
    3x 20x 40lbs

    I got to the gym an hour before close. I hate sunday earily close times. The day was good i got some tuppa wear to put my meals in. I felt a nice pump in my shoulders during my work out.
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    Day 8

    Today i shot one ml test e, one ml test p, and one ml tren e. The test and tren are from swole and the prop is from world pharma. The injection was smooth. Very little pain. I am impressed with swoleoils oil. Compared to the rc labs tren e its a dream. I think i am going to go all swole and no rc for the tren.

    I trained bis tris and chest today.

    Standing barbell curl
    2x 15x 40lb
    10x 50

    Dumbbell curls one are stays contracted while the other completes five reps
    3x 15x 20lb (each hand)

    Reverse curl
    3x 15x 40lb

    Cable rope curls
    3x 15x 27.5

    Skull crushers
    3x 15x 60lb

    Cable rope pull down
    3x 15x 32.5lb

    Cable V grip pull down triceps
    3x 12x 42.5


    Bench press
    15x 135lb half reps
    15x 155 half reps
    15x 185 half reps
    burn out set

    Decline cable press
    3x 15x 32.5lb

    Pec deck flys
    3x 15x 90lb emphasize the streaching of the pec
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    Day 9

    No injection today but the pip from the 3ml injection yesterday is not noticable. Thats something i have not been used to. Legend gear hurt and rc gear was like someone hit me in the ass with a ball peen hammer. I am for sure going to make the switch to only swoleoil tren e.

    Today i trained abs and back along with 55 min stairs.

    15 min on stairs


    Ab crunch machine
    3x 20x 100lb it was painful

    Back ext
    3x 12x body weight

    Oblique leans
    3x 10 each sidex 30lb

    hanging leg raises super set pullups
    3x 15x bw & 3x 5x bw

    V ups with bosu ball
    20x bosu ball
    12x bosu ball

    cable crunches super set ins and out
    3x 12x 62.5 & 3x 12x 62.5


    Rack pulls
    15x 135lb
    12x 185
    10x 225
    10x 275

    upright row
    3x 15x 75lb

    Lat pulldowns
    3x 15x 130lb
    15x 100

    40 mins on stairs

    I am not getting all that much out of the dbol but then again i am not lifting all that heavy. I am going to up the dosage to 50mg ed up from 40 mg.
  19. I like all this. Good luck
  20. Capt Forest

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    Day 10

    I shot test prop into my left delt today It was easy and painless. I also took the day off from the gym it was day zero. I am not feeling any pip since switching the oils. This is a nice relief. I am getting erections throughout the day. Its annoying at work but i like seeing the sides. Sex is on my mind much more often also. I am not getting any soreness after my training sessions. I think my healing is either way up or my training is shit. I will push it more in the gym.