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  1. boodecarlo

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    So Is there any fellow bass heads in meso? I'm into car stereos, the louder the better. Anyone else with this addiction & what are you running in your ride?
  2. x11

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    More of an at home audiophile.

    Around my area cops take a dislike to a booming car audio system especially in a 2 door Japanese sport car with tinted windows and turbo, lowered suspension....etc.

    Speaking from experience on this.
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  3. boodecarlo

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    Home audio is awesome too. In my younger yrs I got a DUI & was put on house arrest, the cop who came to my house to hook me up ended up staying for a couple hrs after he heard our setup. My roommate was playing God Of War & he was amazed at how the surround sound was, he was actually pretty cool lol.
  4. x11

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    You should have offered that cop some weed.
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  5. boodecarlo

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    I'm pretty sure he would've toked it haha
  6. legendary

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    I use to years ago. Out of the game now. Would love to put something in my f150. Just not sure what route to go
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  7. boodecarlo

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    Man I've been out of the game for a while too & damn things have changed, actually for the better. The amps & subs used to be expensive for the good ones & now you can get better quality for a third of the price & the subs are insane now. The ones I'm buying have a 4" bounce on them, they look crazy when playing. Shit the Rockfords used to cost me $600 bucks a sub & now you can get a better one for $200 bucks & it's the same with the amps.
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  8. gr8whitetrukker

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    I genuinely dont understand why some one would want loud music playing over the magnifiscent burble of a cross plane V8. I can and do listen to it all day all trip long. For years on end. Maybe its because i have a deep love affair with all things mechanical. Specifically big displacement diesels( if your thinking cummins, powerstroke and duramax you really have no idea) and lively V8s. Take for example a coyote 5.0L or maybe a 6.4L hellcat. No music trumps that sound. Im taking another trip to NY here in a cpl weeks. Thats 1600+ miles and about 26hrs of actual drive time. And i can count on 1 hand the amount of minutes ill be doing anything other than sitting in complete aw and silence over detroits latest masterpiece. I love it. Infact i dont even own a cd player or radio in one of my projects and havent for 7 years. Yes it sounds that good:D
  9. legendary

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    Oh man. The coyote sounds so good. I’m missing the 5.0 I traded in for the ecoboost.
  10. rugerjitsu

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    i enjoy quality music in my car...but, i keep it simple.

    Alpine deck
    Focal Flax 6.5 components in the front
    Focal 12" Sub in ported box
    Arc Audio 4ch amp powering everything

    I would be interested in a simple home audio set up that won't break the bank!
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    HIGHRISK Member

    Back in the day I was one of those bastards. I have a very nice factory upgrade system in my ram. It has a sub under the rear seat. I'd like to put 2 12" under there eventually just because I do like loud music at times.

    I'm currently building a house and on my list of custom things is a bad ass surround system. Also speakers throughout the house and patio for music.
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    Definitely different strokes for different folks. Unlike my brother in law I could care less about the sound of a loud truck or car, hell I even helped him redo his 77 cutlass from the ground up. I think it's one of those times where you either get it or you don't both ways. Just like lifting, most of my friends just don't understand why I "waste my time lifting" lol. That's not to say I don't appreciate certain bad ass cars like the hellcat ;)
  13. boodecarlo

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    It's funny because I had to do some serious studying to update my knowledge of systems again lol. But the nice thing is now you can get great sounding audio for home & car for way cheaper than it used to be. Hell ima big kid still it's just now I'm at a point in life where I have all the main things I need so it's time to get back into my hobby :)
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  14. boodecarlo

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    Also it's good to see ya Truck, how the hell have you been?
  15. ergomaniac

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    HIGHRISK Member

    The good thing is I actually have money now!

    The bad thing is I actually have money now:D. I'm gonna need my boy @ickyrica come hook me up with some audio visual shit!
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  17. ickyrica

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    I got you man

    Low end so thunderous it'll shake the panties off mindless
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  18. MCFC

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    Only when I was a teenager lol
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  19. Sk8man101

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    Before I started flipping cars I probably bought and sold hundreds of car audio systems.
    It was a lot of fun. And I made some decent money too.

    Here’s a little set up I had up in my last flip car.

    I used to buy and sell so much shit I was just hooking all my friends up with sound systems a few years back haha.

    Here’s my little home audio system
    It’s not much but it sounds clean and it was practically free with all the little shit I had lying around haha. 5E495843-1E85-4920-8A88-0E4B67460ED4.jpeg
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    I'm pissed.... just bought a 2018 volvo t8. It has everything. Autopilot, 4 cylinder 2 liter 418 hp that gets 70 miles to the gallon. And 3 rows of seats.

    Got a jl audio w7 12" and an hd 1000 hp amp to give it 1000w at 3 ohms. The w7's are.... aggressive.

    Wait a month for a jl shop to get me in and.... they can't do it. The entire car is a supercomputer that is all fiberoptic. Fucking fuck.

    I have some guys down south that work on Bentleys and rolls.... I'm probably going to have to pay more for the install than the 2500 I dropped on the damn sub and amp.

    I care that much lol. Grew up with that shit. The louder music is- when it's so loud you almost cant breathe- I'm at my calmest.

    I never really wondered why, but I was up north and had dinner with my dad and sister. He told me I was a 7 and my sister was a 5... what did he mean? He said he needed the stereo at a 7 to not hear me cry in my crib when he got stuck watching me. So, I figure loud music soothed me then, it soothes me now. Run it.
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