Carb cycling

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  1. Whats up guys current stats are as follows:
    16 percent body fat (i know hence carb cycling for fat loss)
    Have 2 test e cycles under my belt. First was basic 500mg a week for 12 weeks and nolva only pct with hcg throughout cycle. Didnt take advantage of the cycle near enough and had lack luster results and keepable gains obviously.

    2nd test e 600 mg a weekfor 10 weeks and finished the last 2 with prop. Had clomid and nolva for pct 8 days after last pin for 4 weeks and will say i had very successful pct. Lost minimul weight and strength stayed up for most of pct.

    My question is what do you guys think about carb cycling running test p and npp? Not into trying tren btw. Im just looking for a lean cycle, yes my diet is pretty clean. Im just trying to plan for the summer cycle. Im thinking of 100mg eod for both compounds but am just curious about carb cycling on anabolics. Or should i try it before starting another cycle and eat moderate carbs everyday on cycle. Thanks for any input guys.
  2. I think it depends on the person really. Different methods and whatnot work differently for everybody’s bodies. Right now on Cycle my two power days of the week I keep my carbs around 350g. Three other hypertrophy days carbs are down at 300 and my rest days carbs are cut in half to 150g and I don’t aim to make up the difference on these days with higher fats I keep low calories days just that. Low calorie days. So far I’m gradually adding weight. Keeping bodyfat under control. Very minimal water retention (diet remains clean as I can keep it), and stay very hydrated.

    For me fluctuating the carbs for different workouts works well in terms of staying lean and still taking enough in to gradually add weight week to week while on cycle and keep strength up and allow for powerful reps throughout workouts. I’m sure many have different experiences and opinions but for me personally it works well.
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  3. Thanks @FourOneDeuxFitt! Im not on anything right now and am feeling really good. Im thinking i might try something along what youre saying, carb wise. Im just so used to bodybuilding type splits (one body part a week ) when you say an uper body day you mean chest, back, shoulders, arms? Do you still get a decent pump?

    Edit: a power day is low reps low volume and hypertrophy is more volume in the workout, i know but would you do a power dayon say chest and shoulders, take a day off, then a hypertrophy day for back and bis?
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  4. Monday- Power Upper Body
    Tuesday- Power Lower Body
    Wednesday- Off
    Thursday- Back/Shoulders
    Friday- Chest/Arms
    Sunday- Off
    Then Monday’s I either start over or sometimes take an extra rest day. It’s a good bit of volume to get used to. But not too much to where I’m still sore or fatigued but the time he hypertrophy days roll around. My pumps are great to be honest. I’ve been running this split since last November and I’ve made great progress honestly in strength and size. Enjoy this split more than anything else I’ve ever tried and I’m constantly switching the power movements every 2-3 weeks and just tweaking things here and there.
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  5. Thanks for the info man. Is there a specific program youre running or just something that works for you? Im always willing to learn new ways to train smart and effecient.
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  6. Power/Hypertrophy Training by Layne Norton. Called “PHAT Program”
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  7. I’ve definitely made some tweaks and what not and incorporated some other methods of training into the program off of his base guidelines for the program. Probably using about 85% his program and 15% of just added in variations of other things I’ve learned along the way.
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  8. I appreciate the insight brother. Ive heard of it before and will check it out here soon.
  9. No problem bro. It works well for me. I enjoy having the two heavy days during the week. Definitely breaks up the normal hypertrophy splits I’m used to.