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    hey guys. I’m pretty rigid with my diet. Well, very rigid.
    On non workout days I’m around 250g-300g-ish of carbs a day. On workout days (6 days a week) i down 30g of waxy maize with a protein shake about 45 min before my workout then the same immediately after workout.

    For me, i’m Really just winging this. Ive been doing it for a few months. Sometimes i’ll Even sip another 30g of carbs mixed with coconut water during the workout. I have noticed my stamina is threw the roof with these carbs. I just dont run out of gas. But am i doing myself any favors in terms of gaining or burning fat?

    Curious to know how you guys supplement carbs if at all... and the big question is when do you take the carbs??
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    I eat 75% of my total carbs pre, Intra and post workout. At 250g ish carbs per day right now, that’s 185ish around my workout. Always 1 cup oats pre and 1 cup post, plus I’m that guy who eats fruit during and immediately after my workouts. Simple carbs are great for fueling muscle growth and blasting off recovery as quickly as possible.

    Not so sure about carb supps, I used real food and karbolyn in the past. Been avoiding supps in the effort to save $$ on my growing nutrition costs. Rolled oats, fruit and coffee for pre workout are all cheap.
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    Body fat percentage
    Current cycle
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  4. I’m pretty much on the same page as @DrankSlangin currently.

    75-80% of my daily carbs on workout days are also consumed pre, intra, and post workout. Usually have a cup of oats in the morning with breakfast, and whatever carbs are left over after post workout meal are usually consumed in the following meal. So figure 30g breakfast, 60-80g pre, intra is usually banana or pineapple and if not intra then directly when finishing workout with a shake. Maybe an hour or so after that consume about 150g post workout meal. Whatever left of roughly 350g for my daily intake at the moment is consumed in the following meal. So far it’s just what’s been working well for me and my digestive system has been g2g eating this way as well. Almost all carbs are from oats, rice, fruit, and sometimes a wrap or bagel here and there.

    Also intra have been using glycotrix (when used is 50g intra) and honestly love the product and pumps achieved with it but not so much the price. It’s from Like A Pro Supps which IMO is a great brand for all the supps they’ve come out with. Price is up yeah, but I’m content knowing I get what I pay for. Although I feel you can achieve most of what your aiming for in most supps through real, whole food as well.
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    Unless your a BB or ATHELETE who competes at a professional level on a regular basis, this sort of carb micromanagement is much to do about nothing.

    Just stick with a solid diet over the long haul, rather than winging it.
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    ^^^^ x2
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    Got it. Thanks. That removes pressure for sure.
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    Not sure if your asking me but I’ll answer to play safe
    10%-ish and thick
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    Right on my man I’m gonna give this a try. Fruit intra can be a messy ordeal, it would be nice to slug something down quickly and not have to take time to wash hands and such.
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  11. The glycotrix is awesome honestly and provides well for the workout and actually lasts unlike some I’ve used where it’s a big spike then decreases pretty quickly & my go to is Cut up pineapples brah in a plastic container (couple wedges or so). Don’t make a mess. Pop them open and boom. Last resort is usually a Gatorade.
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    Ha that’s awesome, My go tos are blueberries, blackberries pineapple wedges from a small container and banana. Apple sometimes post
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    Meatheads no wash hands:mad:
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  14. I could def see where blueberries and blackberries would make a mess intra!! All shaking and sweaty and shit trying to fumble berries into your mouth between sets hahahah.

    Hahaha. Just stay savage!
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    Hahaha common courtesy brah, can’t get pineapple juice on the dumbbells for the next person ha
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    But seriously, I’m with the bunch that prefers carbs around workout times.

    I get less bloat and the biggest thing is I actually feel less lethargic. I think it helps give my damn pancreas a break and stops the constant insulin/cortisol swings.

    I workout in the morning, so I consume “no” carbs at dinner or bedtime snack (which I eat 2 hours before bed).

    I just came off a heavy bulk consuming carbs from wake-up to sleepy time and I’m enjoying this change. You’ll have to see what works best for you though.
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    I agree with the energy for workouts. I’m going to cut the complex carbs out after breakfast or post workout. Like you, i work out early as well (4:30am) by 6am its post workout shake mixed with 30g of carbs and out the door. I eat a solid meal by 7:30 with carbs and protein. I’m going to remove the quinoa out from lunch and dinner and see if i drop some weight while maintaining workout energy
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    Ya, I’m very happy with the LBM gained during the bulk but at the end I really felt lethargy. Once I took carbs back out of dinner and bedtime snack, I’ve felt great energy throughout the day. And the water weight has come off as well which feels good in itself.
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    Ok. I’m sold. I’m going to try that. For a while I was eating protein lentil or edamame pasta. About 25-30g carbs per serving but with 20g of a complete protein source as well which I would eat alongside my protein. I’m going to remove them and see
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    Ya I eat 1 cup oatmeal and banana with breakfast (pre-workout), 25g carbs pre, intra, and post, 175g white rice post, 2 slices Ezekiel Bread for lunch, 175g brown rice for 3:00 snack, and no carbs the rest of the day. But adjust for you brother.
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