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    Rice or noodles, and why? My wife is Asian and I’m sick of rice......
  2. DonaldPump

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    Just tell me to eat the damn rice and shut up please.
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    Eat the damn rice and shut up please :rolleyes:
  4. potatoes, sweet potatoes, oats, pasta, corn/wheat tortillas, bread, buckwheat, quinoa, and of course

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    Wait. Are you saying I can eat PB&J all day long? Cause i fucking will
  6. Do what you please its your life.
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    Lol, Na I was actually serious about the original post. I prefer noodles just curious how much I’m missing out on if I eat noodles 5 times a day vs rice
  8. Keep it simple. Complex carbs vs simple carbs . Just depends on what type of rice and or noodle you're talking about.

    Try brown rice noodles, best of both worlds.
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    I think you are on to something there, anything to change it up, in 6 years I’ve literally never seen a rice grain that wasn’t white. I get it it’s a culture thing for her, I’m just sick of it.
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    I prefer white rice. I like it because it is very easily digestible. Obviously it's not the best tasting thing in the world to eat everyday, but as CT Fletcher says, "You're not eating the shit for the fucking taste, you're eating it for the results it will give you. So stop being such a pacifier sucking fucking pussy, and fucking eat that shit mother fucker"

    That's what always plays in my head every time I want to eat something besides steak and rice everyday. Lol
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    if you eat rice make sure it is not brown rice. brown rice has the husk which has something in it to prevent nutrient breakdown in the stomach so It can replant itself after you eliminate it. Heard it from Thomas delauer on you tube so have not done my own research. I think he said it was phytic acid?
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    I loved his motivational speech. "Now Ct you cant do that." Politely shakes his head,walks out the door and does what the fuck he wants. Good stuff.
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    Rice noodles ;)