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There's a lot of discussion about cardarine (gw-501516) lately, so I wanted to go over some positives of use.
I've ran a few cycles with it, 15-25mgs ED but found the best range at about 20mgs/ED.

Share your feedback guys, how do you like cardarine? any users here who stack it during cutting runs?
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I am a big endurance athlete so I have obviously tried this along with anything that else that supposedly increased endurance like aicar and eq. GW and EQ were the 2 of the 3 that I continue to use but I will be passing on aicar in the future. I have always increased fat melting and mega endurance with gw use and especially when using it with eq. It also helped my cholesterol. Some other great things to add when trying to increase endurance are maca, guarana and alpha lipoic acid. All are excellent with endurance, stamina and energy.

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I've had some very positive experiences with Cardarine. One of the most noticeable benefits for me, is when I'm using Tren. I use it every time I run Tren and it helps me with some of the negative side effects from Tren. The negative cardio and shortness of breath, night sweats, lipids, and blood pressure issues are all a lot better with Cardarine since it does so well with cardiovascular endurance, regulating blood glucose levels, improving cholesterol (increasing HDL and decreasing LDL), and lowering blood pressure.


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I used to do endurance sports back in 2009 after the year after the Olympics when every athlete was using this stuff before WADA banned it. and I can say the best runners were all on this stuff

as a weightlifter its great because during your workout you will be able to bust out an extra set or rep without getting winded. the way GW works is it keeps your max HR a few ticks lower. so those of you aging will especially be appreciate it


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Also interested on the subject but can't help considering hotdog23 being right lol.
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Yea nice one hotdog.An honest discussion would not had been bad on the other hand its a better bet to stick with what is known to work over a very long history with medical use and longterm side effects documented(my logic atleast).I am still not sold on the idea of sarms being safe or healthy.By the way shills seem to try too hard and come off really gay and obvious..just an observation.


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