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Discussion in 'Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency' started by 8hondo, Jan 9, 2020.

  1. 8hondo

    8hondo Junior Member

    Anyone else having a problem buying bitcoin on the cash app
  2. 8hondo

    8hondo Junior Member

    Never mind , got it
  3. Swolabetic

    Swolabetic Junior Member

    Looks like I better learn. Lot of sources going that way. Hope it's not "to hard" to figure out.
  4. MindlessWork

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    Whatever you do, send your purchased coin to your OWN wallet and then send to your favorite source from that wallet. NEVER send direct to source from your Cash App wallet as you will risk getting BANNED, as there's reports of that happening to some people.
  5. MindlessWork

    MindlessWork Member Supporter wallet is what I use as my external wallet and there's an app for both Android and iOS to manage your blockchain wallet.
  6. StayingSwole

    StayingSwole Junior Member

    ^^^^ Doesn't seem to matter if you using a secondary wallet. I have never sent money straight to source and my cash app was closed last week.
  7. Yes, I buy it through cash app then send it to my blockchain wallet , then send it
  8. kodine

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    @StayingSwole Did you have funds in your CashApp account? If so did they automatically deposit funds in your bank account before closing your CashApp account?
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  9. hvsomchacniwilkms

    hvsomchacniwilkms Junior Member

    did they send you an email saying it was locked only bc u need to verify your info?
  10. StayingSwole

    StayingSwole Junior Member

    @kodine It was less than $10 but I don’t think they deposited back.
  11. Youngrobert1

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    FYI if you live in Florida they will let you do some Bitcoin transactions but after a few weeks or months or so the close your account. Better to learn to use Bitcoin another way of you are in certain states
  12. Millard Baker

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    Whatever you do, don't do this either ^^!
    This is extraordinarily bad advice as you are just as likely to be banned by the exchange.

    You will read this bad advice again and again. Disregard it.

    Read the subforum "stickies" instead.
  13. Kingsmountain

    Kingsmountain Member

    So, after a bit of looking around it appears the most private option is Monero at the present as well as the least chance of having your account locked for "suspicious" activity?
    Thoughts anybody?
  14. BroScientist

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    Monero appears to be very private. However, in most cases, you need to buy it with BTC. And not many (I'm not aware of one) that accepts it.

    Right now, the best option seems to be to buy BTC from a small exchange and hope it goes out of business in a few years and loses the data. The big exchanges, coinbase, cashapp, etc are not in any danger of going out of business and will retain transaction data forever. It's still a shit option, but it's the best I can figure out right now unless you can buy BTC FTF in your city.
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  15. ExpressPCT

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    We wish to encourage the use of Monero and so offer a discount on any customers that use it. There are also good practices when obtaining cryptocurrency -

    Monero - Use a Peer-to-Peer marketplace such as that allows you to buy it using an escrow system and payment methods such as Moneygram, Western Union, Cash by mail and Zelle.

    Alternatively if you wish for added security we recommend This Peer-to-Peer marketplace is popular and used for Ethereum and Bitcoin with many payment methods such as PayPay, Zelle, Skrill, Cash Deposit and Cash by mail. The unique feature for this marketplace is the end-to-end encryption. Only the seller and buyer can view that trade as only both parties have the key, the only way to get customer support from the owners of the website is by providing them with your key. After the trade is complete, the key is deleted after 7 days, making it impossible to view the trade after 7 days.

    Both marketplaces run on an escrow system for safety of funds and neither of them require KYC. They both have inbuilt wallets and trades on both normally only take 10 minutes to complete depending on payment method.

    Let me know if you have any questions!
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  16. Kingsmountain

    Kingsmountain Member

    Thanks for the info @BroScientist Bro Scientists and @ExpressPCT Express
    I currently use BTC but obviously it's not as secure as I would like to think. That's why I was looking into Monero but it appears hardly anyone accepts it.
    I think if sources went to accepting Monero it would be safer for everyone.
  17. BroScientist

    BroScientist Member

    @Kingsmountain Well, monero isn't nearly as liquid as BTC either. Also, another reason to favor the smaller exchanges is that they don't have the resources (or as much resources) to build robust algorthms to track the BTC that they sell.
  18. Kingsmountain

    Kingsmountain Member

    @BroScientist I definitely appreciate the info. I'm going to have to take more time and dig on your suggestions.
    After all, safety in transactions is a harm reduction issue as well IMHO.