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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Holidaypay, Dec 2, 2018.

  1. Holidaypay

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    So I gt cash app to buy bitcoin an from what I understand I can link a prepaid card to load it or get a cash app debt card delivered for free an use that to load it is it really that easy I haven't used it yet an wanted some opinions from people that have I have a wallet to transfer it to an I'm not really worried about being hidden when ordering small amounts cause I won't be no matter what if le really wants me so is it really that easy to load it an buy bc
  2. Xragexx

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    I’d like to see opinions too. I’m ready to switch from Coinbase to either cashapp or libertyx
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  3. Fryguy

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    I just link a debit card. They've got great customer service from my experience.
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  4. Robfromga

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    I linked cash app to my db card.
    It's freaking flawless... Cash app to Bitcoin, withdraw it (tumble) to another wallet and boom!
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  5. Xragexx

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    That’s the route I’m taking now also.
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  6. Robfromga

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    I was so confused by Bitcoin .And someone said to try cash that shit was caveman easy. Worst part was getting everything verified .
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  7. Xragexx

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    Good to hear, I downloaded it yesterday and started setting it up.
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