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    I've homebrewed many times , manually, this time around I'll be brewing a larger batch , I still haven't gotten to the point if using vacuum pumps , this time around , I'll be using a caulk gun, do any of u guys have any advise in what to do or what not do to make my brew successfull , I'll be brewing 20grams of tren ace , 50grams of test E , and 30 grams of EQ , using grapeseed oil and sterile syringe filters , 22um nylon, thank u guys
  2. Best advise I can give is to throw those syringe filters in the fucking trash!!! Get a zapcap filter, a couple media bottles, and a $50 hand pump!!! Do this and you will thank me, I swear!
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    Yea that's my next move , but for now the money is spent , so I'm gonna use what I have now , my next batch is gonna be with a zapcap, when I went to buy , it was out of stock so I said fuck it , I'm tired of syringe filter
  4. Fuck, I bought a box of zapcaps on Amazon bro!!! Amazon I assure u is not out of stock. Message me your email and I'll sell you one of mine. Lol. That's a lot of shit to do with stringe filter. I hate to see someone get some carpal tunnel over some gear lol
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    To late , I have carpal tunnel already , 40 years old and it's not going away lol , is all good , I usually order thru med lab supply , and I was looking for 22 um nylon filters bottle top with 33/45 thread , was out of stock at the moment , I got buddies of mine anxious already, so I'm just gonna filter these bad boys already , I guess I'll figure the caulk gun as I go
  6. Heat oil before filtering, maybe 150F. Don't get in too much of a hurry. You gotta get the feel for it, ive blown through a few... I usually only get about 30-40ml out of each filter, then u gotta change to a new one.
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    Well from pass experience with syringe filters and certain raws, I don't heat tren at all, I warm up the oil that's it , from what I notice I always used one syringe filter for every 100ml with no issues 100ml tren I've always used 1 filter and so on ...I never used a caulk gun for this , just wanna ease up on my wrist and fingers, my last brew was test E test prop test cyp and tren ace all 100ml , and it took me a awhile and I went thru agony , my hands was hating me
  8. Oh sorry, didn't read whole post. Sounds like your better than I ever was w syringe filters. Have fun man!
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    I've always used for personal use so I never really needed something like vacuum filter kit, but now my batches are getting bigger and bigger and it's definitely the time to step it up
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    I've been using syringe filters for years , but my hands are getting worse and worse every year ,
  11. Fck that. I used them for less than a year and made the move.
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    IMO it's better to make a syringe pusher with weights
    manually pushing the syringe plunger, even with a caulk gun quickly gets boring.

    It can be made starting with a tile cutter placed upright
    its sliding guides help a lot
    so you just need to:

    1 somehow attach the weights (about 20 pounds) even wires or ropes can help

    2 get the sliding part to push the syringe plunger
    it's easier to bolt the tile cutter (placed upright) to the wall, a bit over a table
    place the vial+filter+syringe on the table, and the tile-cutter+weight will push it down

    3 it's better if you somehow secure the vial on the table, so it doesn't move around
    a junkyard flange that fits the vial works nicely, and it's cheap
    you can wrap the vial with some fabric or rubber sheet in case the flange centerhole is larger than the vial, so it fits snuggly.

    4 you may want to have some cut tiles and printed pics around, in case friends (or LE with a search warrant :eek:) ask
    What's that strange thing in your garage?
    Oh, I wanted to do some cut-tile decor but haven't had the time. Problem solved.
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    That looks like a project lol,
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    So this was my final products , done with a caulk gun and filtered in a 22um nylon filter , I'm not gonna lie , it was so quick each 100ml vial took me 20 min or even 30min .. But it was fast and painless lol, I've injected all 4 , and no pip what so ever

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    It will be all broken down into 10cc bottles just waiting on my vial crimper
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    I've used a caulk gun for years, thousands of milliliters. I use a 60cc syringe and a large caulk gun. Fill the syringe with 50cc of product and put it into the gun. Squeeze down the remaining 10cc of air. That way the air will continue to expand pushing the oil through the filter and you don't have to squeeze the gun as often.
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    Bro this batch I made more then usual , caulk gun was so easy and faster , wen I use to do just two 100ml a batch with just my hand ,it would take me maybe 4-6 hours give or take ...too painful , anxiety high lol nooo man , thank god who ever thought of this , yes I do the same 60cc syringe and put only like 40cc of oil the rest free space of air ...
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    This is the setup I've been using. The clamps are less than $10 each. I put some blocks under the vial, when full pull the blocks out and switch vials. It's pretty easy. image.jpg