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Discussion in 'New Member Introduction' started by offthewalltw, May 25, 2018.

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    So ive been reading what i can online, wanting to do my first test cycle, pct anti estrogen and all.

    But i went ahead and bouvht hilma biocare test e, two vials for a ten week cycle. But only realising after that everyone and their dog seems to give the ug lab hilma bad rep. I dont know how bad the stuff is, but given how sceptical people are over the lab im considering chucking it and finding a more reputable lab.

    What is everyone's two cents?
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    Welcome aboard. Your going to have a hard time asking for 2 cents around here brother. Nobody is going to give a g2g straight up and then be blamed when you get bad gear. Cruise over to the underground, do your homework, and senior members will be more than willing to answer the things you are confused about. You won't be spoon fed here.
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  3. Bro totally g2g don't worry about it kendal is a liarface we love to give the g2gs here he's just trying to scam you.

    I took some hilma test, tren, hemboli, nandrolone, gendrilone, turntable, supernova, chlorophyllalone, and was so surpised at the results I did a pure estradiol cycle. Mad gains bruv. Imo you didn't order enough. You're gonna be so pumped you're gonna want more man. Keep us updated on your cycle start a log. Welcome to the club fam
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    The only two names i recognise are test and tren. You having me on? Or is there something called turntable? o_O
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    He's fuckin you around a bit. Some good clean MESO fun. Just fuckin about.
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  6. Hilma tested good on Anabolic Labs. But that was only one sample and it was a while ago. Though not much, it's a speck or reassurance that you may have properly dosed product.
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    Pin it at week 6 get bloods done and post them .... its a good way to help the community ....
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    We can give you discounts on future orders in case you want the bloodworks done and share with community.
    Feel free to contact.
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    Not sure why u can’t get a hold of them talk to them a bunch of times yesterday email me back in mins
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    You got some more reading to do.
    Your first common mistake is you only got two 10ml vials.

    You need to account for some waste in the needle and anticipate your vials not being all the way filled to exactly 10ml.
    Also just in case you drop a vial or get one contaminated you always buy extra cause last thing you want is to be half way threw your cycle and something bad happen.

    As far as choosing a source you found the right board. Go pharmgrade for everything except maybe your gear.

    Get pre-cycle bloods.
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    You should have been reading at anabolic Lab
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