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    What do you guys know about this or have you ever used it? From what I've read it affects the endocannabinoid system and it's good for insomnia, sense of well being, hormone regulation and a few other items. It's not psychoactive from what I've read bit will it show up as THC on a drug test?

    Seeing the pros and con from guys that have personal experience.
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    Tagged for interest. Looks like the places that sell it are as sketchy as AAS dealers.
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    This stuff is a miracle for pain relief. You definitely don't get a high feeling from it but you do feel mellow and relaxed.
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    That's exactly what I'm looking for, also something to help with insomnia.
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    Can it be legitimately be ordered?
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    Yes, I think it boils down to finding a good vendor. Next time I'm at the local pot shop I'll get some recommendations to share.
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    One of my companies sells it retail. I purchase it off of Ali Baba at $14 a bottle, that is for the 10% solution 10ml. Head shops typically sell it for three or four hundred percent markup. That low cost is for a liter minimum order however.
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    That largely depends upon your state residence and bc it’s a supplement QUALUTY comparisons approach the impossible.

    And, not withstanding other factors that tend to be problematic with supps in general, theres reason to believe CBD quality issues are responsible for anecdotal reports that vary from A to Z.

    For example,try locating a
    CBD product that lists the concentration of the active ingredient !

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    Thanks I've found it online, but there's all these different types and honestly I dunno what I'm looking at .
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    And that’s the problem w most supplements, how does the buyer
    know what they are purchasing
    is GTG ..... they don’t, and that means supps are a financial bonanza for sellers.
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    Got a hemp shop I went to in the city Stopped in got some cbd treats for my dog. Seem to Mello him out a bit. He’s a 90lbs bully. Doesn’t do much for his allergy tho. Feel like it works much better when I get him high with it. Effects are probably intensified with thc.
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    Lazarus naturals is good for oil

    Does anyone know of somewhere that has 50mg or 100mg capsules?