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    I am currently doing 1cc of sust 2x a week and 1cc of deca 1x a week. It's my first cycle and I want to figure out what the equals in Milligrams.
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    CC is a unit of volume. It's one cubic centimeter and the same volume as 1 ml. Milligrams, on the other hand, is a unit of weight. There's no clear conversion between the two since you can put as much of a substance (in mg) as you want to in 1 unit of volume (up to a saturation point). That make sense? Each liquid has a different amount (in grams) per unit of volume. Sust, for example, is commonly 250mg per ml. Meaning if you have 1 ml, or 1cc, you have 250mg. But you have to check, since a product can have any concentration. You can get test E, for example, in 200mg/ml, 250mg/ml, 300mg/ml, etc.
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    pupeye Junior Member

    If you don't know how much your taking... then you shouldn't be taking it. The bottle/amp should say how many mg per ml it is. 1ml=1cc
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    Great explaination. Couldnt have said it better myself.
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    why bump this? the question has been answered.

    the mg depends on how it was made. read the bottle
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    Bump :) ... MG is weight and ML/CC is volume .. very easy

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