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    So I have used the ccleaner app and over written my free space .So I understand this correctly this will be enough to wipe any files deleted and history etc??
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    As far as from what? Are you expecting the feds to raid your place? Or hiding porn browser history from your wife?
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    am i ok to pm you the answer
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  5. AVI looks a lot like my breakfast

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    Yes, you are correct. run the cleaner. and then if you want to make sure nothing is able to be recovered on a forensic examination run your drive wiper. If you want to make sure absolutely go into the drive wipe settings and make sure it is set to the "Guttmann 35 passes" setting. (it writes over each avail. space 35 times)

    When you delete things on a hard drive *normally*. it does not really delete them right then. What it actually does is just let the computer know that the space is available for use again. So until the computer writes something to it... what ever you had there is still there.

    So, if the cops kick your door in before that happens and take your computer, they can get that off your hard drive.

    When you run the drive wiper it writes over all available free space with 1's and 0's and makes any data unrecoverable.

    But that is from a physical standpoint you need to be combining it with encryption.
    When you send a e-mail out un-encrypted the government reads it as well as who ever else might want to.

    That is clear net communication. you are naked.

    I suggest you use Protonmail. It is swiss based and free. You can put passwords on the mail if you have to send it to someone who is not on the networks so it will be encrypted and you can set a timer on the message to destroy itself after an hour or a year. You can also burn the whole account with a push of a button.

    however you do it use encryption from someone.
    even on your txt messages. Signal is the top dog on that. But you both have to be using it.

    Anonymous is your friend check them out.
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  7. This advice is outdated. Gutmann's 35-pass protocol dates from the early to mid 1990s, and was designed to completely destroy bit-patterns on MFM and RLL hard drives, which were in common use at the time. It was probably overkill even back then, but this is no longer required today. 1-3 passes with random data should suffice, especially given modern hard drive bit-densities.


    Personally I don't recommend Protonmail, unless both parties also use PGP to add an additional encryption layer to their message traffic.

    Signal is excellent, but by design, it is linked to your phone number, thus is is not anonymous.

    I would strongly advise people to refrain from using phones for anything in the least bit illegal.

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    Very solid follow up. Also agreed on all touch up points. Thanks
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    If you want to buy phones every couple of days, then take the battery and sim out, then crush the circuit board to make sure you can't be traced to it, you really want to optimize for cost and ease of use. There's just nothing more intuitive than a flip phone with a basic keypad and a dial and end key.
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