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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Maestro29, Jul 9, 2018.

  1. Maestro29

    Maestro29 Junior Member

    anybody know if its possible to change my username on here?
  2. AnTabolic73

    AnTabolic73 Member

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  3. shady

    shady Member

    i notice you only have a couple of posts, wouldnt it be easier to just delete this one and make a new ?
  4. Maestro29

    Maestro29 Junior Member

    True but it took like a week for my acct to get confirmed. And I’m tight on time in finding a gh connect so I’ve been pming people
  5. i’d really recommend a new handle if that’s your real name.

    not a good idea to PM people asking for illegal drugs when your identity is exposed.
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  6. TRT

    TRT Member

    I second this and would like to give Chris a nice swift kick in the ass before he gets himself in trouble.
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  7. Evom1

    Evom1 Member

    Yeah @christopher mastrocola only took a few mins to find your Facebook....
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  8. TRT

    TRT Member

    LMAO! Same here.
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  9. Maestro29

    Maestro29 Junior Member

    I don’t have Facebook guys
  10. TRT

    TRT Member

    You better hope not.
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  11. ironwill1951

    ironwill1951 Member

    I thought you meant legally change your name.
    i thought we had a runner
  12. wedorecover

    wedorecover Member Supporter

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    HIGHRISK Member

    Contact @Millard Baker . It's your only chance
  14. Maestro29

    Maestro29 Junior Member

    I've been pming back and forth with him. it seems like he may be able to help me
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  15. RCCP

    RCCP Member

    You'd better hope he deletes all of your posts up to this point also.
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  16. BigNattyDaddy

    BigNattyDaddy Member

    Care if we call you Chris or do you prefer Christopher?
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    HIGHRISK Member

    Looks like he got you take care of.