changing needles between..........

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Do you change needles between drawing up and injecting

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  1. jsupstarz

    jsupstarz Junior Member

    How many of you change needles between drawing up and injection. Just curious to see how many people actually do it. I do it most of the time but sometimes I just forget, I do recommend it if possible:D stay safe
  2. Ironhorse

    Ironhorse Member

    I always do.
  3. rpmjr19

    rpmjr19 Junior Member

    I always do as well

    20s to draw with, 23-25 to shoot
  4. MaxPayne

    MaxPayne Junior Member

    uhm... hell yeah. You'd be surprised how many docs, including my endo don't know that trick.
  5. Selene

    Selene Junior Member

    never shoot with the same needle that I draw with
  6. TheBeat

    TheBeat Member

    Almost never use the same needle. I do use the same needle to shoot in multiple spots though.
  7. slick33158

    slick33158 Junior Member

    I dont find it necessary. C'mon, it doesn't hurt bad, less than a little pinch. I use 22 guage needles all the way around.
  8. jasthace

    jasthace Member

    That's because it's not necessary,just keep the top of your vial clean with a wipe of your alcohol swab each time.
    You do have alcohol swabs,right?
  9. advanced-stealth

    advanced-stealth Junior Member

    I always do.
  10. MaxRep

    MaxRep Member

    Never do... never have... can't see any reason to do that. Never seen a Dr or nurse do that.

    I grew up on a ranch, a swab of alcohol on the vial and a swab on the skin and I've never seen or had a problem on an animal or myself. :)

    Best regards,
  11. role model

    role model Junior Member

    They probably know the trick but just don't think its necessary since there sticking it into someone else's arm. I personally never do it either.
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  12. dennis

    dennis Member

    I just figured out why Max is so freaking big ! "Raised on a ranch" we have something in common Max ! I bet your poor animals always got short changed on their eq injections [:eek:)]
    Seriously though..I use 1 syringe and 3 needles each day I use gear.On this cycle I draw 1 cc deca out of vial with 20 gauge into syringe..I set the lid of my alcohol bottle on table and fill it w/alcohol..I dip deca bottle cap in lid before I draw from it.I take off 20 gauge cap it and set it in the a new 23 gauge is used for injection.I then dip test bottle in lid of alcohol,reuse the 20 gauge needle and same syringe draw out 1.5 -2 mls into syringe,cap the 20 and put on new 23 and inject.....1 syringe,1 20 gauge, and 2 23 gauges..neat and clean.
  13. MaxRep

    MaxRep Member

    It is a great life, especially for a young person. Although I haven't been involved with that lifestyle since I left for college so many years ago, it was a great way to grow up. Nothing better for teaching self reliance, responsibility and the physical development that comes from hard manual work every day, which most kids nowadays never see.

    Best to you!
  14. NPayette

    NPayette Junior Member

    I do it but more because it's faster with a 18g to draw...

    23g to pin...
  15. Preacher

    Preacher Junior Member

    I never do with vials but with the 20ml I do cause I don't have the patiance to draw 1.2cc in with a 23g, so I draw with an 18g.

    I once thought I got the needle dirty so I wiped the whole needle down with alcohol swab then stuck myself with did that sting...
  16. Raven - UG

    Raven - UG Junior Member

    Every time
  17. 1badhabit

    1badhabit Junior Member

    I felt, and saw a huge difference from changing them out. Guess the rubber stops dulled the needles up just enough to make a difference for me.
  18. Havok450

    Havok450 Junior Member

    Never have, I use 18g :eek: to pull and to pin with never had any prob. with dulling

    I swear the a 22g has more of a prick to it than the 18g does. Anyone else think this??
  19. prodigy06

    prodigy06 Junior Member

    I switch them. Whatever makes it go in smoother I'll do. I like it smoooooth. ;)
  20. HDH

    HDH Member

    I usually pop the top off of the vial, take out the stopper and just draw it out like that. I reuse the needles so many times I can't afford to have it going through the rubber stopper too :eek: .......J/K