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    Well last week I hit a new flat bench pr of 485. I have 3 goals I wanna hit all flat bench. 535 1 rep max. Currently 485. 225 X 50. Current pr is 40. And 315 X 25 current is 14 And 405 X 15 current 7. Don't ask me why these number but those are what I want to hit then I'm done with heavy shit. The older I get the harder it is and the more i ache lol. I've been on just trt for 2 months and plan on blasting next month or 2 and making one more push to hit my numbers. I've been told I need some elbow wraps or sleeves. I use wrist wraps now. Just curious when getting up in the heavier weights if any of you have any advice or aides to try and avoid injury? Since these are all different goals im assuming there all different training? Is it crazy to think I can do all these at once? Not same day of course just close together in time.

    FYI I'm not a power lifter or anything just a fat truck driver with crazy dreams of big numbers. :)
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    If you’re benching 485, I say you’re there with big numbers
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    If the soreness, aches involve the joints or are more prolonged than
    a day or two, its likely more damage is being done than you realize.

    In situations of this nature a spotter is highly recommended, as a means of avoiding a complete tear.

    Good Luck
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    Usually just the normal soreness the next day. Nothing excruciating. My left delt is sore from time to time when pressing. Had my dr check it out. She didn't want to order an Mri. She had me put my arm in different positions and checked for pain. She came to the conclusion is tendinitis and says there's nothing I can do.
    I Definitely use spotters.

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    Well technically I guess so. I guess more so of moving forward.
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  6. 485!? Good lawd!

    If you made it that far, you'll make it to 535.
    Just a matter of smart training, rest and patience.
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    Thanks...Yeah I've noticed after heavy days I need more recover time. Maybe I just need more test :D
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    Those are some crazy numbers mate :cool:

    What's your age? Assume you're a SHW like me :)

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    Will be 40 in a few months :eek:
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    40 is the new 30 :) If I can get my bench to 485 before I hit 50 I'd be super happy. Current 1rm is 462. It's amazing how heavy that last 10kg is :D
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    Nice work bro! How old are you now? People don’t understand when you get up over 450 ish that weight just seems to multiply lol.
    Guys at my gym are like man you got 500 no problem. I tell them you understand every 5 pounds feels like 50 lol. I wanna hit 500 then I’m done with heavy shit.
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    Yeah. And the one thing everyone does is bench. So unless your form is utter shit, there's not a whole heap of improving to do. Short of getting into a bench shirt or using a slingshot, of course :D

    I'm 46 and ~330lb. So still got a few good years to get there, but not really able to add more size without looking like a blimp.
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    Damn big guy lol. I’m not sure if I will ever hit 500. I’m working with atlas right now trying to get this fat off. I wanna go from looking like the old Eddie Hall to the new Eddie.

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    Haha. I prefer strong Eddie. Can always drop weight when you achieve your dreams, like he did.

    You can see my profile/behind in the vid here: Brolloks getting into PL :D
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