Cheat meals during precontest?

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    I read a reply from Tom Prince on MuscleMayham that he has one cheat day during precontest. So any of you guys do this during precontest? I know last year ( 2003) when I prepared for the NPC ILL I had two cheat meals a week.

    They consist of a bangel with some cream cheese. I drop that meal five weeks out from the show. I ended up winning the Novice show and 2nd in the Hwy in the open. Read what A guy asked Tom Prince about a cheat day and look what he replied. Read below guys and let me know your thoughts.

    "I read that Craig Titus cheats all the way up... In his colume in this month MD he states that to the Olympia 03 he had a cheat meal every 3 days, to spike his matabilism.
    What do you do Tom?
    At the moment im having a cheat day once a week, i dont know whether to carry it all the way through but stop the week before my comp. Love to hear your views.
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    I have cheat days every Saturday while I'm dieting. I truly believe cheat days HELP, and are a huge part of my diet.

    Because I know I'm going to get to eat whatever I want on Saturday, I acually diet HARDER during the week, than I normally would if I didn't have that cheat day.

    As much as it's for your metabolism, a cheat day is also for your mind. It's just a mental break from dieting. I train Sunday-Friday, with Saturday's off. So, besides being a cheat day, and a break from the diet, Saturday's are also a break from the gym. I won't tan or do cardio on Saturday's, either. Usually, when dieting, all I do is sleep and eat on Saturday.

    So, as you can see.. SATURDAY'S truly are an OFF day, in every sense of the word.
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    you should be fine with a cheat or loading day up to 10 days before your show. just try to keep the carbs complex as much as possible. It will keep your muscles full looking and keep your matabilim going. it not good to eat the same cals every day for long periods of time or your body will adjust and slow down.......11

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