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    I noticed my immediate POST CYCLE BLOODS from my last cycle as well as this cycle creatine was high and BUN/creatine ratio was low. Any wisdom what’s going On there?
  2. Were you using Anavar and/or tren on this cycle?
    Are you taking in enough water throughout the day?

    On a positive note, the flagged values are just barely outside the normal reference ranges. If the advice you receive here isn't satisfactory and you still have concerns, show this blood work to you physician and ask his or her opinion.
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    How many weeks before your bloods were took after last cycle?

    Seems like your pct was well done. You end up with 250ng/dl more of total test than your pre cycle blood.

    Were you off for a long time before your pre cycle bloods?
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    Sorry late night last night. First cycle was a failed pct with bad meds from a source here. I got meds from nandro and I was solid after that.
    My pre bloods for this cycle were several months, close to a year after PCT on my first cycle. I don’t think I recovered the the greatest still after the fact. My first cycle was super long and I didn’t get pre bloods. Lesson learned. I took others advice and not my own research. Since then have done thousands of hours.

    Anyway. This last cycle was 500mg Test E and I ran dbol the first 4 weeks. 40mg

    PCT this time was clomid nolva
    100/40 10days
    50/20 15days
    25/10 10days
    10mg nolva I think 5 days

    I will be using hcg from now on as well.

    I’m not too concerned about any of the results just curious.
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    How long were you off pct meds before the post cycle blood work was done?
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  6. GruntLife51

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    4 weeks
  7. Hawkins

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    I’d call it a successful pct.

    Two cycles in and you’re still at 690ng/dL...

    My guess is you’re a young man...
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    Thanks. Yeah just turning 29 in a few months.
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    it seems that the cycle did some good for your body afterward. Better total test and better estrogen.
  10. kosp

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    What do you mean? if you recover fully you should have the test your body would have naturally like you never did any steroid.
  11. GruntLife51

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    True but the more cycles you run the less you’ll recover each time.

    I only ran 10 weeks. IMO a shorter cycle
    Worked better for me. This next go around I will run a harder cycle but still shorter. For me the key is recovering as quickly as possible to maintain gains. I did maintain the vast majority of my strength. I just hit 10% under my squat max and didn’t squat for months.
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    there is no evidence of you will recover less each cycle you do. It is like to say ok once you start cycling you will have less testosterone for life, that´s simply not true. If you respect a good amount of time between cycles it just doesn´t happen.
  13. kosp

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    I mean look at yourself lol

    got like with +250ng/dl of test
  14. Hawkins

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    In a perfect world, yes.

    However, this is usually not the case when the person is not young with multiple cycles under their belt.
  15. kosp

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    one cycle per year keeps your total testosterone naturally high