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    Little update on this blast. I've never ran 900mg of test for a whole cycle. I have NEVER had to take an AI even on 750mg test with dbol. But I am showing symptoms if high E2 in my left nip. Possibly a small bump, a little sore. I did drop my dbol (due to the fact I have to get bloodwork for liver values to see how naltrexone/vivitrol is affecting me and I want liver to be more accurate for that)

    I've read a ton on AI over time but figured I'd make a thread for feedback.

    How did you come to choose an AI?

    How did you dial in dosing? ( Like did you pick a dose run it for two weeks then get bloods?)

    This is a first for me.
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    I prefer aromasin it works great for me personally I'm not estrogen sensitive so anything up to a gram of test I only take 12.5 mg every 6 days I try to watch for symptoms so I don't chase a magic num if I start holding water or have low libido or sensitive nips ill up the dose but that's very rare
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    For me I did several trial and errors with different doses and pulled several blood panels. You’ll see a pattern that works for most again most not all. I prefer adex has a longer half life and stronger. More bang for your buck. Letro is strong as fuck but harsh on bones.

    On trt 200mg per week I use .5adex per week.

    On 500mg I use about 1-1.5mg per week of adex.

    750mg Test. I use about 1.5-2mg per week adex.

    On 1.2grams I used .5adex ED.

    That keeps my E2 well within range. Even if it’s high E2 I don’t get gyno. It’s when you start mixing compounds when the fun happens. Titties. Rem you can use both adex and Novla together. There are studies out there to back that up.
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    On 1g of test I had to use letro.625mg 3 times a week
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    Does anyone know how my aroma dose would translate to adex dose or would I just have to try it to find out I have some letro but don't wanna crash my estrogen it seems like over kill for my needs personally just curious about adex more than anything
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    Appreciate the feedback. I think I'll go with 12.5mg aromasin a week and start from there. I'm pulling bloods in about two weeks. So I might hold off until then. Then start the ai. Then check bloods again about a month after that. Seem like a plan?
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    Yeh if ur not lactating it can't hurt to wait until bloods come in I feel better a little higher estro than lower personally
  9. DrinkFlintWater

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    aromasin. Switched to it due to misinformation i had on adex. Regardless, i wont be switching back if and when i decide to start pinning hormones in my ass again.
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    Care to elaborate on that info ?
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    I’ll take adex for the Dub here. At 1G a week I do 1mg EOD. Anything lower, I don’t touch it.
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    I use aromasin but it gives me bad headaches so I'm gonna try arimidex on my next run to see if I like it better.
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    aromasin dude. adex lowers igf 1 while aromasin doesnt. Igf1 is needed for gains so its a no brainer
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    When you use. 5mg of adex a week on 200mg of test, do you split the adex dose? Or do you just take .5mg every 7 days?
  15. If you have any nolva on hand you can take that now while on cycle until you get you bloods and decide on you AI. The nolva will at least keep the esto from attaching at the mammary glands.
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    You might want to do some more Research. Adex in fact was considered to possibly INCREASE igf-1. But seemed to LOWER IGF-2.
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    I’m simple. I’d just take .5mg every 7 days. I’d take the adex same day I took my testosterone. Done and done for the week. My labs were 1450 test and 29E2. 5 days after pin...
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    Thanks for the response bro. So I'm assuming that you pin 200mg every 7 days then? I do split pins, and was thinking about trying 1 pin a week for a while.
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    You’re Welcome. Correct I pin once every 7 days. I honestly don’t feel any dips or hormonal downs on the latter part coming up to my next pin either. On labs I’m still hovering around 1000-1100 before my next pin as well.

    On higher doses or stacks i will split the pins/doses tho.
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    I like armosin I found armidex have me higher blood pressure, an antiestrogenic diet with low sugar and lean cuts of meat can boost your efforts as well