chronic lymphocytic leukemia

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  1. Hello there brothers and any sisters that may come across this thread. I have just been diagnosed with CLL (chronic lymphocytic leukemia). Pretty unexpected discovery. Prety shocking. Not sure how I feel right now. I’m just concerned for my wife and two young kids.

    I wanted to ask you all if anyone has ever had any repeated issues with high count of lymphocytes/white blood cells, especially when running AAS?

    I have had high count of lymphocytes since 2015, my primary doc was concerned and sent me to an oncologist/hematologist and I found out that I have non-aggressive CLL (chronic lymphocytic leukemia). I was also told that there is a 50 percent chance of this cancer to become aggressive and treatment will be needed. That percentage didn’t sound very appealing to me. :(

    According to the doctor and the tests he administered it is not genetic and that I developed it sometime in my life. Common sense tells me that genetic and acquired mutations can not be the result of biochemical changes in the body but then…can it be so? If yes, then I’m curious to find out that the substances we are putting in bodies have anything to do with this?

    Any input/feedback is greatly appreciated.

    Thank you all in advance.
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    Fuck man so sorry to hear! Sending out positive vibes for sure!

    I don't have much feedback but 50/50 isn't always bad odds!
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  3. I appreciate you brother.
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    Definitely in our prayers bud.
    To comment on your question I'm not sure if it could be from exposure to some forms of carcinogens with something related to our lifestyle I don't think it could just be dismissed.
    50% is great odds I know it doesn't feel like it standing in your shoes.
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    Shit man, sorry to hear. Hope you find the path of least resistance to recovery
  6. Thanks man, I’ve alwyas took you for a straight shooter, so I know this comes from the heart.
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  7. I appreciate you brother.
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    I'm sorry to hear this! Ill keep you and your family in my thoughts!
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    CLL is thought to be the result of a non-inheritable genetic mutation

    The precsise cause has yet to be defined.

    I’m unaware of evidence that supports AAS as being mutagenic
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  10. Maybe ask the source in the coulds to cast a favor this way? ;)
    Seriously though, thank you.
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  11. @Roger rabbit, hey bro, of all threads, this is the last place I ever imagined asking brothers to come into. You have a wealth of knowledge, maybe you have some insight that you can bless me with?
  12. I hope the non-inheritable part also means that I won’t pass it down to my own kids.

    AAS not being mutagenic is reassessing as I have been off cycle over 6 weeks now and just for mental purpose at this point realy want to go back on cycle ASAP.

    Does the same apply for HGH? I would assume that would be one to avoid, no?
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    1) Based in existing evidence
    that’s correct

    2) Mutagenic = compounds that have been shown to increase the frequency of CA, such as Benzene
    and Asbestos

    3) hGH/IGF may promote or propagate malignant transformation once established.

    4 it’s important to understand exceptions aside, CA like many other systemic disorders, has a multifactorial rather than a single source/cause etiology.

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  14. Awww, brother, that's awful news. But 50/50 is a still a damn good chance that this won't get outta control.

    Hang in there. Don't let this diagnosis rob you of your positive nature and fighting spirit.

    You're in the prayers now, brother.
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  15. I appreciate the love my brother.
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    I’m not a doctor IM. You’ll be in thoughts and prayers.
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  17. It’s cool brother. I appreciate your thoughts and prays.
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    Damn sad to hear bro!
    You gonna win over this fkn shit!
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    I'm sorry to hear that you have Cancer. I appreciate how your mind went to the safety of your loved ones, first. It saddens me when people of good character get challenges like these, and that's all it is--a challenge. There are a lot of options available for leukemia's. Keep your head up brother.

    Here is a list no to some stats you might find encouraging regarding CLL.

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