Cigarettes and insulin resistance

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    ive developed a baad chain smoking habit the ost 6 months I’m quitting today.

    I’m losing weight on 3500 calories and 270 grams of protein a day along with like 250mg of test weekly. (Lowering to 150)

    But does anyone have experience with this I just can’t believe I’d be losing weight on that much food. I also wake up with a swollen thyroid but my thyroid tests are normal literally perfect and lower side t3! When I was running insulin I did not have this problem. And if I quit smoking for a week I think I actually start to gain weight and feel like the food is actually being absorbed more.

    Is there a serious effect on insulin and insulin resistance with smoking? I’ve never ever eaten this much daily consistently until now because my diet is way easier to keep up with. My only theory is thyroid (which is normal) and I haven’t tested insulin yet I’m getting test strips sent to me on Monday so I can do a faster glucose test. Also waking up super dehydrated and pissing a ton. This isn’t the only time this has happened in my life I’ve had this before gear.

    And I doubt running insulin at high dose caused this because it was only three weeks and that was over 2 months ago this problem started recently. Probably a hard question for anyone to answer but thought I’d ask.

    There are studies relating nicotine to insulin resistance and 30 percent increase in a1c but...
    Losing weight on 3500 calories how? I wake up so dehydrated my kidneys almost hurt

    Something from a study ->Treatment of Sprague-Dawley rats with nicotine (3 mg/kg/day) for 6 weeks reduced 43% body weight gain and 65% blood insulin level,
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    I definitely lose weight on 3500 calories. Always had a high metabolism and I do a lot of physical work regularly. Never used insulin and the one time I had thyroid numbers tested a couple years ago was normal.
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