Circumferential 360° Labral Tear

Discussion in 'Training Forum' started by Nemesis RR, Dec 26, 2019.

  1. Nemesis RR

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    Can someone please explain what exactly a
    Circumferential 360° Labral Tear is in the shoulder?

    Is it a complete tear? Can it be rehabilitated without surgery?
  2. Switcher

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    Reads as though it is pretty serious, get medical opinions. Good luck.
  3. OnTheRize

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    I'm not familiar with a 360° tear in the Labrum but I was diagnosed with what a sports medicine surgeon called a "complete labrum tear"...might be the same thing...not sure.
    I second what Switcher said. If you've had an MRI already, you might want to talk to a doc about the necessity of surgery. I hate doing this because I'm always afraid that docs are going to recommend surgery regardless...because money.
    When I tore my Labrum (full tear) along with my supraspinatus (partial thickness tear) a few years ago I began guarding my shoulders with my life after I had surgery. I tried rehabbing it but couldn't perform a lot of movements in the gym, suffered a lot of weakness and pain. I personally am glad I got the repair done. I had a fucking arrogant pick of a surgeon but the man was really good and although I have slightly less mobility in that shoulder, it is much stronger than my other one.
    Yes, surgery, time off, and rehab post operation sucks...but if it's the only option to continue doing what you love then it's probably better to know sooner rather than later.

    I know a few other guys on here have found workarounds for shoulder injuries. One of our members stated that he has a full rotator cuff tear in the supraspinatus, never got it repaired, and he still looks like a damn beast in his late 40's. He found ways to work around this injury and is still going strong.
    Maybe there is someone on this board with a similar experience with a labrum tear.

    Best of luck brother.
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  4. flenser

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    Yes, it's a complete tear. My understanding is it will never be fully healed without surgery, because it needs to be reattached with anchors. It's supposed to be a complex procedure, but one with good results.

    Hope all goes well.
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  5. johntt44

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    Sounds terrible, especially with a lifting habit! Wish you the best!
  6. KingCahoot3627

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    The surgery has quite a bit of restrictions post operatively. Dont have the labral repair unless you are fully aware that the post op plan is minimum 3 months where you are instructed to not lift.

    Building cuff stability without surgery to compensate for a torn labrum is possible. But with some caveats. For example, no upright rows ever.
  7. GIVEitUP

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    I'm a year in after my surgery and still have problem with bench press moved on to dumbells seem to work better for me
  8. KingCahoot3627

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    Yes, that's the type of sacrifice you'll Have to make. The simplest piece of advice that I can give you guys with labral issues is to avoid movements with palms down. No overhand BB rows, no wide grip pulldowns, no BB bench or BB military. You might get away with it for a few years but biomechanics say it will catch up with u.

    You can do a DB flat bench tho. Just turn your hands in slightly, 20-40 degrees will help. You dont need full on neutral grip. The point is to avoid full on locked in with the barbell