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    We are Citadel, a Canadian Domestic lab that is dedicated to providing the best products, with the best ingredients, held to the highest standard of customer service on the market today.

    Carrier Oil:
    Grape seed oil


    -$20 Express-post anywhere in Canada. We won’t ship outside Canada at this time.
    Signature required
    -A fictitious return address is used when sending packages therefore packages cannot be returned to sender. Please verify your address here:

    Payment Methods:

    BTC (BitCoin), Etransfer and CIM for verified clients

    Minimum Order:

    $200 minimum

    Injectables (10ml multi-dose vial)

    Test Prop 100mg/ml $40
    Test Enanthate 250mg/ml $45
    Test Cypionate 250mg/ml $45
    Test E 400mg/ml $55
    Sustanon 250mg/ml $50
    Deca 300mg/ml $55
    NPP 100mg/ml $45
    EQ 300mg/ml $50
    Mast P 150mg/ml $55
    Mast E 200mg/ml $65
    Primo E 100mg/ml $60
    tren A 100mg/ml. $50
    Tren E 200mg/ml $65
    TNT (250mg Test E, 150 Tren E) 400mg/ml $65

    Oral Anabolics

    Anadrol 25mg x 100 tabs $55
    Anavar 20mg x 50 tabs $60
    Dbol 10mg x 50 tabs $50
    Superdrol 15mg x 50 tabs $55
    Tbol 10mg x 50 tabs $55
    Winstrol 25mg x 50 tabs $55
    Proviron 25mg x 50 tabs $57.50

    Oral Ancillaries

    arimidex 1mg x 50 tabs $45
    aromasin 12.5mg x 50 tabs $50
    clomid 25mg x 100 tabs $45
    letrozole 2.5mg x 50 tabs $45
    nolva 20mg x 50 tabs $45
    Pramipexole .5mg x 50 tabs $45

    Sexual Aids

    cialis 20mg x 50 tabs $50
    viagra 50mg x 50 tabs $45

    Weight Loss Aids

    clen 100mcg/tab x 50 tabs $60
    t3 100mcg/tab x 50 tabs $60


    Citadel HGH 10iu/vial x 10 vials $350
    Citadel hcg 5000iu $80

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    Here are some product photos:





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    Here are some recent HPLC Results:





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    Hey bud I don't know if you read the rules for sources a 200 dollor minimum donation is required to anabolic lab u will receive a banner saying u donated until you have that banner know1 will make any purchases sorry
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    Please only contact the aforementioned using a secure e-mail provider. If you do not receive a response in a timely fashion, please check you are using a secure account!

    Examples include:
    Protonmail (recommended)

    Examples of non-secure e-mail providers:

    If anyone is curious on production methods, OPSEC, QC; Please post in the thread and I can message you. Here are the basics below.


    Citadel started out in 2017. We slowly built up our equipment and raw material stock and by January of 2018 we became a mid-scale operation supplying Canadian customers all over the country with our product. We became active online in 2018 on [Redacted, Private forum], and with this came a major growth spurt. We have been able to keep up to our demand since we started and we have plans to expand our operations now into the MESO community if accepted.

    With security in mind, we utilize the use of tails, TOR browser, and a VPN service. We can provide a public key for members to utilize when they email us for instructions, an order or any other questions they may have. We will utilize bitcoin as our main form of payment, as well as cash in mail and email money transfer for vetted clients. We also have a method for shipping all of our packages so that no one needs to go into the post office and show their face on camera when dropping off packages.

    We do have a vetting process, to keep in line with OPSEC, as well as respecting the legal age limits for clients across Canada. This may include identity verification.

    We are currently producing and supplying a volume which could grow substantially without supply chain issues, with excellent (usually 1 day processing) T/A. I believe that accurately dosing products, excellent T/A, and stellar customer service will make business grow and prosper, thus these are the pillars of our business.
  6. Don't think Millard would be too happy reading that. A prerequisite like this would essentially make us a source board, sans the gear whoring mods.
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    Anabolic Lab doesn't deal with Canada. We are stuck with Jano and user submitted tests (which only mr @Steve84 seems to do), so I doubt this is a thing.

    In for the roasting.

    Also, when did MESO get dominated by Canadian sources? You guys are looking to get steamrolled by LE? Stay safe.
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    I'm not buying shit! until I see mr Citadel do this with his lackeys

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    Damn I didn't think about that I was trying to get him to donate to anabolic lab before every one told him to show tits an fuck off lol my bad @Millard Baker
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    You’re going to ID customers...? What.
  11. He should donate to AL because it's not only a good cause, but it also benefits the entire community. Though that choice is ultimately his to make.
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  12. To my knowledge, none of the labs tested hail from the great white north, as of yet, but that shouldn't mean a donation is out of the question. Please keep it a consideration.
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    I have no issue with it. I think it is a good idea that these things are happening in regards to testing.

    That's a good point to bring up. This is not a mandatory practice, but it is something we have had to use in the past. I put it in the original post in case I needed to reference it to a client at a later point in time.
    Bitcoin is the preferred method of payment, and thus no verification will be required.

    For other payment methods that can compromise receiving parties, precautions must be used. This is an open forum, that is under constant surveillance by LE. An example below:
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    Funny this guy just showed up huh @MapleSyrup!? OP your Jano testing results are useless here. GL
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    The hcg that Pareto sells is Citadel's hcg. If a highly acclaimed lab like Pareto is reselling Citadel's hcg, one can consider that a testimony for this lab.
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    Oh dear lord !
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    #triggered cause unable to refute what I said. you were trying to start a pointless hate parade and I went against that, Lol.
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    I don't knows how it works in your country but here are a few things that jump out at me for what the fucks.

    -Signature required on packs
    -You accept money in mail which means there's a trace directly to you ands your people.
    -You would even question asking for someones ID. If a potential clients gave me bad vibe to where I felt I needed their ID I'd cut ties and block them, that's a bad client. As a buyer I don't want source having my address let alone an ID.
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    You have some good points and I sent you a PM to explain further.

    I will also explain a little here.

    -Signature required on packs: This increases package touchdown success to basically 100%. A client can request no signature as well, but the default is to have a signature. The law in Canada states possession of AAS is not punishable for personal use.
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    The best testing one can hope for is if a client does a purchase and sends it for testing. This would show the dosage in a randomly selected item, not just raw hormone quality.

    I wouldn't agree that the HPLC test results posted are useless (it shows we are putting proper procedure in place), but I will agree that they mean nothing compared to an analysis of finished product

    Thank you for the good luck.