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    The Edward Snowden documentary that followed director Laura Poitras and journalist Glenn Greenwald to Hong Kong where Edward Snowden gave them the stolen NSA files. "Citizen Four" was the pseudonym used by Snowden when he originally contacted journalist about blowing the whistle on the massive NSA covert surveillance program.

    The documentary uses first-person film footage by Pointras during her visits with Snowden. It's directed by Poitras and executive produced by Steven Soderbergh. (It also has background music by Nine Inch Nails’ Trent Reznor and Atticus Ross).

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    Poitras, who earned Snowden’s trust, reaches biggest audience with ‘Citizenfour’

    Nothing in her career as a documentary filmmaker could quite prepare Laura Poitras for an encounter in a luxury hotel room in Hong Kong in June 2013. It was there, amid absolute secrecy and after months of encrypted communications, that she met Edward Snowden. The once-anonymous contractor for the National Security Agency was about to become the world’s most famous whistleblower, leaking classified documents that exposed the unprecedented global and domestic reach of the agency’s surveillance programs.

    “Being in the hotel room, I had an experience I had never had before,” said the filmmaker, who spoke after introducing a screening of “Citizenfour” at the New York Film Festival, where the film premiered Oct. 12 to a long, loud standing ovation. “There were things I filmed that I couldn’t remember that I filmed, and I saw them later in the footage. I just blocked them.” Although she remains behind the camera, Poitras was joined in the sessions by journalists Glenn Greenwald — to whom Snowden had likewise reached out and the filmmaker persuaded to participate — and Ewen MacAskill of the Guardian. They would become the conduits for the release of Snowden’s explosive revelations. (Many of the further revelations came in a series of Pulitzer Prize-winning stories written by Barton Gellman that appeared in The Washington Post.)
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    Kashmir Hill's review of "Citizenfour":

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    really low budget movie but worth the watch if you are a tech geek and just proves how little privacy we all have at the hands of the gvmt